Roadmap—Navigating the Future

Building the Teranode Ecosystem. Empowering Progress through Milestones and Innovations

2024 Roadmap

The BSV Blockchain, with Teranode at its core, will be the backbone infrastructure for a global system of multiple specialised overlay networks.

We anticipate specialised nodes to complement the core services provided by miners running Teranode. Dedicated overlay networks operated by enterprise infrastructure providers will communicate with the network core. End-user applications will leverage SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) to interact within the Overlay Network.

Core Tools & Technologies

Key Resources

Essential elements for our blockchain platform, ensuring scalability, security, and seamless development.


The Backbone of Scalability


Enabling next-generation blockchain infrastructure for unparalleled growth.


Architecture for Revolutionary Computation

Meet ARC

Discover the architecture designed for the computational demands of tomorrow's blockchain.


Streamlined Blockchain Access

SPV Wallet

Simplified client interfaces for fast, efficient, and user-friendly blockchain experiences.


Green Blockchain Operations

SV Node

Embracing sustainability in blockchain through environmentally conscious node deployment.


Building with Best Practices

BSV tools & libraries

Comprehensive tools and libraries to facilitate the development of robust blockchain applications.


Success Stories Unfolded

Case studies

Exploring real-world applications and the transformative impact of blockchain technology.


Corporate Blockchain Integration

BSV for Enterprise

Tailored blockchain solutions to revolutionize enterprise operations and data integrity.


Public Sector Ledger Solutions

BSV for Governments

Deploying blockchain for transparency, security, and efficiency in government services.


Resources for Innovation

BSV for Developers

Empowering developers with the tools and platforms to create blockchain applications.

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