The blockchain for enterprise and government projects

With unbounded on-chain scaling, the BSV blockchain supports high transaction volumes at fast speed and for predictable low fees, in addition to offering micropayment capabilities and the greater data capacity needed for large scale blockchain applications. BSV supports a regulation-friendly blockchain ecosystem that enterprises want and governments require.

Why use the BSV blockchain?


Enabling businesses to plan years in advance and commit significant resources to build on a stable protocol.


Bigger blocks are needed to support the increased diversity of transactions that businesses want to perform.


BSV delivers an unprecedented commitment to quality assurance and professionalised engineering.

Safe instant transactions

The BSV roadmap treats safe, instant transactions as a fundamental offering and key priority.

What they say about the BSV blockchain


Tuvalu’s National Digital Ledger on BSV

The nation of Tuvalu in the South Pacific is collaborating with leading enterprise blockchain technology company nChain, blockchain consultancy Elas Digital and community-tech consultancy Faiā on a digital transformation project that includes the development of a national digital ledger using BSV blockchain technology.

What we do

Blockchain for Enterprise

The BSV blockchain is uniquely positioned to offer a platform for the development of enterprise-grade and national-scale blockchain applications and services. Learn how businesses are leveraging the capabilities of the BSV blockchain to create a competitive advantage.

Blockchain for Government Initiative

We believe in a world where blockchain technology enables new efficiencies and ensures transparency for both business and government to empower consumers and citizens. To realise that vision, the Blockchain for Government Initiative works to offer education, raise awareness, improve understanding and increase adoption of the BSV blockchain.


Blockchain & law

Global adoption of blockchain technology requires enterprises and lawmakers to become comfortable with blockchain technology. To ensure the development of a regulatory environment that both fosters lawful conduct and facilitates innovation, we regularly engage with leading policymakers to raise awareness of legislative issues and advise on the development of positive policy.

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