Unleash the full potential of blockchain

The BSV blockchain is uniquely equipped to address your business or government needs with its scalability, micropayments, and low fees.

Protocol stability

A stable protocol allows businesses to plan for the future.

Unbounded scalability

Horizontal scaling and minimal transaction fees.

Impenetrable security

Proof-of-work-backed timestamping creates unsurpassed security.

Safe and instant transactions

Enable new business models with micropayments and nano-services.

Discover our technology

The technology team is tirelessly developing key projects to enable exponential scaling and growth including Teranode, SPV wallet and Overlay networks. Unleash your potential with the BSV blockchain!

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Discover how Satoshi’s white paper was shaped by economic thoughts and principles to create a stable and sustainable ecosystem. Learn more about the history of the white paper!

Cheap, fast, secure

The BSV blockchain has various use cases, including payments, storage, smart contracts, NFTs, and voting.

World-class performance

In 2023, the BSV blockchain achieved over 125 million transactions, showcasing its remarkable scalability and ability to handle huge amounts of data.


Transactions per second


Total transations

$ 0.00015

Fee per transaction

The complete picture

BSV is an open protocol that unlocks a world of possibilities for businesses and organisations. Build innovative and exciting applications with its versatile technology.

Micro and nano transactions

Instantly send fractions of money anywhere in the world, creating new micro-payment business models.

Data integrity

The BSV blockchain allows everyone to verify and certify data as well as actions performed upon it.


Unlimited block size allows for scalability and enables handling high volume of transactions.

Secured consensus mechanism

The BSV blockchain is designed to be tamper-proof, allowing for secure and verifiable record-keeping.

Smart contracts

The ability to program money allows for the automated execution of performative functions, reducing the need for intermediaries in financial transactions.

On-chain Tokens

Tokens can be stored directly on chain, providing a transparent and immutable record of ownership.

Regulation compliant

The BSV Blockchain is built to work within the legal system and is fully compliant with all current regulations.

Discover applications on the BSV blockchain

The BSV blockchain has various use cases, including payments, storage, smart contracts, NFTs, and voting.

A healthy world


Simplified payments


A new frontier for gaming

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