SPV Wallet

The standardised BSV open-source wallet reference implementation

Unleashing the power of


Enhanced Security

With a fully synchronised block header client, your wallet will have equivalent security as running a non-mining node client.

Improved development experience

Focus on building the rest of your business rather than reinventing the wheel.

Diverse Transaction Support

Create any type of transaction template for signing with the SPV Wallet.

Unbounded wallet infrastructure

Ensure your wallet scales seamlessly with the emerging Teranode paradigm.

SPV Wallet

SPV Wallet standardizes BSV blockchain interaction with its open-source, non-custodial framework, enabling seamless transaction verification and management at significantly reduced costs. Designed for the BSV ecosystem, it offers a reference implementation of simplified payment verification (SPV) for enhanced efficiency and security.


Minimal dependencies, leveraging lightweight SPV technology for efficient blockchain verification.


Easily deployable as a container or from source, catering to diverse user needs and technical environments.


Directly connects to the BSV network, synchronizing only essential data for streamlined operations.


Provides versatile access through clients in JavaScript and Go, as well as a standard web API, simplifying integration.

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