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The BSV Blockchain Association Announces a Series of New C-Suite Starters

The BSV Blockchain announces new appointments of Cyrille Albrecht as Managing Director, Ewa Merino as Director of Finance and Operations, and Marcin Zarakowski as a new Executive Committee member. Supporting Bitcoin SV as the original Bitcoin, the organisation aims to build a regulation-friendly ecosystem while encouraging digital currency innovation with its scalable blockchain capable of 100,000 transactions per second at low costs.

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Regain trust in infrastructure via blockchain

Institutions most commonly fail their constituents due to mismanagement and maintenance of the public infrastructure. By introducing blockchain to the mix, governments can regain trust through a transparent, evidence-based approach to resource management.

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Unlocking the Potential of Central Bank Digital Currencies

In his talk ‘CBDC – a primer and discussion of blockchain’s role’, Gareth Roberts, Product Manager of nChain, presented the latest advancements in Central Bank Digital Currencies. Learn about the potential benefits and challenges of CBDCs and gain insights into the best practices for successful implementation.

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Successful developers conference in Istanbul showcases the power of the BSV Blockchain

The BSV Blockchain Association, in partnership with social media app my2cents, recently held a Blockchain Developers Conference in Istanbul. The conference brought together technocrats, business leaders, developers, investors, policymakers and thinkers who are curious about the future of global connectivity and the nature of 21st-century commerce.

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Sydney event highlights BSV blockchain’s growth in Australia

The BSV Blockchain Association, in partnership with Webmaster Studios and Keyi Tech, recently held the Blockchain in Business conference in Sydney, Australia.

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PGB signs MOU with global blockchain leader nChain

Innovative partnership between the Provincial Government of Bataan and blockchain leader nChain to improve citizens’ access to secure and efficient government services using cutting-edge technology. Roll-out of blockchain technology to begin in coming months for improved transparency and accountability in government operations.

How triple entry accounting can improve trust in the social contract BSV Blockchain

How triple entry accounting can improve trust in the social contract

Blockchain facilitated triple entry accounting could be monumental in restoring the trust in the social contract as it exposes records for public scrutiny. As blockchain guarantees them to be immutable, operations and functions can be performed against those records by anyone.

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Mallorca event shows how BSV blockchain can boost the tourism industry

The BSV Blockchain Association, in partnership with Gate2Chain, recently held a two-day event in Mallorca, Spain to highlight how the BSV blockchain can benefit the tourism industry.

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Cyberattacks’ business impact – How Sentinel Node contains and combats threats in cybersecurity

Cyberattacks in the food industry are a real threat to consumers and the economy, as the JBS Food breach has shown. In the Food Institute podcast, experts Bryan Daugherty and Gregory Ward from Smart Ledger and Certihash, and Patryk Walaszczyk discuss the threat posed by cyberattacks and present with Sentinel Node a solution that contains this threat in an innovative way.

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