the next evolution of data storage and management

Blockchain: the next evolution of data storage and management

Data is the new oil. But if you want to capitalise on this new oil, you will need an infrastructure that is suited to dealing with this increasingly ubiquitous resource.

IEEE 5G-IoT Blockchain Summit - Rabat, Morocco Recap

Event recap – Global IEEE 5G-IoT Blockchain Summit Rabat

The recent IEEE Summit was co-located with the Smart Cities Week in Rabat, Morocco on May 12, 2022 in partnership with the BSV blockchain’s global industry association.

BSV Blockchain logo on an electronic data concept background

How the BSV blockchain will transform electronic data exchange

Here’s how the BSV blockchain’s implicit properties of immutability, privacy and accountability affects electronic data interchange.

Blockchain with dots

How blockchain microtransactions could disrupt enterprise products

Blockchain microtransactions open up a whole new set of opportunities for enterprises by providing a strategic advantage of benefiting the users in the ecosystem.

Mohamed Al Hemairy Interview

Why the University of Sharjah chose BSV for academic certification and validation

We speak to BSV Blockchain’s Jimmy Nguyen and Dr Mohamed Al Hemairy from the University of Sharjah about their cutting-edge research into academic certification and validation on BSV.

Blockchain logo with chain image and tech effects

The BSV blockchain’s inherent privacy, accountability, security & scalability

Let’s explore blockchain’s lesser known features: privacy and accountability, security and scalability.

BSV Blockchain logo with different icon backgrounds

Opportunities for improving public services with blockchain

Learn from a team who has done thousands of hours of research on how blockchain can be applied to improve public services

VXPASS computer and mobile health care assistance

How blockchain-based VXPass is reshaping healthcare records

VX Technologies puts verified health records onto the BSV blockchain in collaboration with governments, from Lesotho to San Francisco.

IPv6 unlocks the true power of the BSV blockchain

We speak to Professor Latif Ladid, Head of the IPv6 Forum, abouts how the true power of end-to-end data transactions on BSV are enabled through IPv6 adoption.

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