BSV micropayments are creating ultra-efficient online revenue models from the ability to instantly send tiny fractions of a U.S. cent anywhere in the world.
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As a digital payment & data network, BSV transactions are magnitudes more efficient than today's legacy providers.
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A new world of distributed data must be environmentally sustainable. BSV is the most energy efficient proof-of-work blockchain, and its ecosystem uses blockchain technology to help companies advance ESG goals.
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What is BSV?

BSV unlocks Bitcoin’s power as more than just a digital currency. Bitcoin is also a network protocol which, just like Internet protocol, is the foundational rule set for an entire data network. The network powers a distributed ledger which acts as a timestamp server to efficiently and immutably record information (such as payment and data events) without borders, barriers, or requiring explicit permission. BSV restored key technical capabilities in Bitcoin’s original protocol and has massively scaled the blockchain so it can support enterprise-grade data and micropayment applications.

What Technical Capabilities are on BSV?

The original Bitcoin protocol and its scripting language provide powerful technical capabilities that BSV has restored. The BSV blockchain can be used for smart contracts, tokens, NFTs, IoT device management, data integrity, on-chain auditability, computation and more – all with far greater data capacity and low fees.

How Do We Develop Projects on BSV?

BSV has a robust ecosystem with over 1500 developers and other professionals around the world, and an active educational program to train more. There are hundreds of BSV applications, tools and resources which can be used by enterprises and government entities to building blockchain projects.

Why BSV?

BSV goes back to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original design for Bitcoin as a network protocol. Incentivised scaling reduces transaction fees and increases throughput to levels that ensures it can become an efficient global digital payment and data network.

BSV Protocol Capabilities

Bitcoin was carefully designed by Satoshi Nakamoto to comply with existing international monetary laws (such as traceability for auditing reasons) to enable regulatory compliant, global adoption. BSV has restored Bitcoin’s original protocol so it supports smart contracts, tokens, NFTs, IoT device management, computation and more. Its UTXO model makes Bitcoin parallelized and scalable supporting near-instant, real-time payments, usually settling within 2 seconds.

Technical Features of BSV

Micro & Nano-Payments
Smart Contracts
On-Chain Data Storage
IoT Device Management
Instant Transactions
Token Support
On-Chain Auditability
Peer-to-Peer Transactions
NFT Support
Data Integrity & Notarization

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