BSV Blockchain for Enterprise


Why BSV Blockchain is Relevant

With its massive scaling, micropayments, greater data capacity and reliably low fees, BSV is the best distributed data ledger for enterprise-grade applications and services. BSV is already being used to build applications for diverse industry sectors.
  • FinTech
  • Stablecoins
  • Health care & life sciences
  • Supply chain & logistics
  • Metaverse, AR & VR
  • Entertainment & media content
  • esports & online games
  • Casino & iGaming technology
  • Consumer data monetization
  • RegTech
  • BizTech
  • ESG compliance
  • Internet of Things
  • Network Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity

BSV Blockchain Use Cases

Interesting Reads

BSV Blockchain and University of Sharjah logo
BSV blockchain’s association signs an R&D agreement with University of Sharjah to develop blockchain-based academic certification and accreditation platform

The joint research agreement will strengthen the relationship between the university and the industry while providing a use case of blockchain tech that helps not only the University of Sharjah but all the academic institutions globally to authenticate academic credentials.

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How VXPASS is working with the WHO on Covid-19 vaccines for Lesotho
How VXPASS is working with the WHO on Covid-19 vaccines for Lesotho

VXPASS has given an update on the rollout of its digital vaccine monitoring programme in Lesotho.

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BA x JCBA logo
Bitcoin Association joins the Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (JCBA) as an associate member to support the growth of BSV in Asia

The 112-member JCBA serves as a platform for businesses working with digital assets to network, interface and collaborate on issues important to the growth of the digital asset and blockchain sectors in Japan.

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