BSV Blockchain for Enterprise

Business use cases of the BSV blockchain – report by Fundstrat Global Advisors

Fundstrat Global Advisors, the market research firm co-founded by leading Wall Street strategist Thomas Lee, analyses the BSV ecosystem’s ‘laser focus’ on building enterprise-tier data processing and business use cases. The report presents profiles for 11 companies in the space and recognises BSV’s ‘unique vision’ to create a better internet where data and value interact seamlessly with micropayments.

Banks & BSV: new business opportunities with Bitcoin’s original honest design

Banks have long been wary of digital currencies, but failing to embrace the transformative potential of blockchain technology leaves a host of innovative opportunities for the industry on the table – central to which are new online efficiencies and improved transparency.

Blockchains are the building blocks of better healthcare

Instead of having multiple digital ledgers spread across the industry, the key to better healthcare requires a single global blockchain that massively scales, capable of efficiently handling huge volumes of diverse data to act as the single source of information.

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