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BSV Blockchain Association presents to Ras Al-Khaimah royal family and attends Future Blockchain Summit

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The BSV Blockchain Association recently held a VIP Reception event in Ras Al-Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates to shine a light on BSV blockchain adoption in the Middle East.

The event, which took place on October 8, 2022, was invite-only and featured roughly 150 attendees including members of the Royal Family, C-level executives and select members of the media.

The event featured one-on-one networking sessions for the guests where they got to interact with some of the Bitcoin industry’s thought leaders.

It also featured presentations and panel discussions by distinguished speakers including the BSV Blockchain Association’s Marcin Zarakowski, Domineum co-founder Mohammed Jega and SmartLedger’s Bryan Daugherty.

Below is a summary of the event and some of the major presentations:

RAK Event Summary

Marcin Zarakowski, General Counsel and Chief of Staff at BSV Blockchain Association opened the event by highlighting the work of the organisation and the role it plays in its protection and development.

Zarakowski was followed by Richard Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Canadian blockchain services company TAAL, whose presentation focused on the confluence of money and data with Bitcoin. TAAL is a publicly traded, Canada-based infrastructure company that focuses on building a microtransaction economy on the BSV network by scaling transaction throughput and data capacity.

Bryan Daugherty (Co-Founder and CEO of SmartLedger Solutions) talked about how SmartLedger is dedicated to solving governmental problems through custom-made blockchain solutions. SmartLedger helps companies understand the intricacies of the technology while identifying areas where blockchain use cases can be applied.

Daugherty was followed by Mohammed Ibrahim Jega (Co-Founder of Domineum Blockchain Solutions) who detailed some of the work his team is doing to offer smart solutions to businesses and governments using the BSV blockchain.

Muhammad Salman Anjum (CEO of Invoicemate and MateSol) then talked about the coming confluence of blockchain and the Metaverse and what users, businesses and governments should expect from the two sectors in the coming years.

Rami El Sabeh (IT Operations and QA Lead at Midas Group) unpacked the work being done by Silverline and its role as a future-focused blockchain company. Silverline is focused on the intersection of economics, technology and blockchain, with a specific focus on offering IT solutions to companies across the Middle East.

He was followed by Jimmy Nguyen (CEO of Blockchain for All), who spoke on the democratisation of blockchain and why it is important that the technology reaches more people and is actually used.

Nguyen also touched on some of the projects he is working on right now, including Metarena, which will allow artists to perform for millions of people in a virtual space built on the BSV blockchain.

Nguyen was followed by Steve Smid (Project Manager of Gate2Chain), who unpacked his company’s new partnership with TrueWorld and how it will help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our world right now.

The next two presentations were given by the teams at Elas and Unisot, who discussed the different ways their companies are using the BSV blockchain right now.

Finally, Valentine Labarthe, Head of Commercial and Strategy at nChain, detailed the work her company is doing with identity management and explained how a future-looking airport built on the BSV blockchain could eliminate many unnecessary pain points and make travelling as seamless as possible.

Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Following the successful VIP Reception event in Ras Al-Khaimah, the BSV Blockchain Association also attended the fifth annual Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

The Summit forms part of the GITEX Global series of events and it is the largest and is seen as the most inclusive technology show across the global digital economy. 

BSV Blockchain Association had a physical booth on the show floor where we encouraged attendees to learn more about the original Bitcoin and why it is a good fit for their startup or enterprise. The team was also available to answer any questions about BSV while it works to increase visibility for BSV Blockchain companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

As part of the event, the Association also took part in two different panel discussions.

The first panel focused on the Women of the BSV community and highlighted the incredible work being done by women in the space. The panel included:

The final panel focused on the actual utility of the BSV blockchain and what needs to be done to encourage its adoption by enterprises and governments around the world.

The panel included:

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