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Detecting network breaches instantly with Certihash and BSV


The BSV Blockchain Association recently hosted a VIP Reception event in Ras Al-Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. The event, which took place on 8 October 2022, was invite-only and included members of the Royal Family, C-level executives and select media members.

The event included an evening of talks and panels from project owners and key stakeholders in the region and from around the world. Attendees were also allowed to have one-on-one sessions to learn more about the BSV blockchain (BSV) and find out more about its business use cases.

One of the first presentations was given by Bryan Daugherty, Co-Founder and CEO of SmartLedger Solutions. SmartLedger is dedicated to solving governmental problems through custom-made blockchain solutions.

As part of his presentation, Daugherty gave them an overview of Certihash – the world’s first real-time anti-hacking tool and the world’s first blockchain cybersecurity solution.

‘Cyber attacks are a huge problem for governments and businesses worldwide. The average time to detect a network break is 21 days. This comes with a cost of $5 million for any breach that goes beyond 30 days.

‘Certihash can reduce any data breach to near-instantaneous detection. The compounded damage and disruption to the government can be completely avoided. This is significant when applied to critical government data such as medical records or financial data.’

The BSV blockchain is the perfect fit

BSV is the only public blockchain capable of unbounded scaling with low transaction fees and high data throughput. It also offers a stable and reliable protocol, and an immutable record of transactions secured by proof-of-work, making it the ideal protocol on which to build the Sentinel Node cybersecurity detection tool – a component of Certihash.

Daugherty notes that the time taken to detect cybersecurity breaches is one of the primary factors in the overall cost and severity of an attack. This is backed up by a recent study by IBM, which found that it requires an average of 212 days to identify a security breach and then a further 75 days to contain it.

Find out more about Certihash and Sentinel node for information security

‘After a simple installation on your system, the parameters and time interval to monitor the system is chosen,’ said Daugherty. ‘At the first sign of any unauthorised changes, Certihash prompts an alert in real-time, eliminating the trailing costs of an attack.’

Daugherty and SmartLedger’s Greg Ward unpacked more details about Certihash in the latest episode of Blockchain Hustlers.

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