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Successful developers conference in Istanbul showcases the power of the BSV Blockchain

The BSV Blockchain Association, in partnership with social media app my2cents, recently held a Blockchain Developers Conference in Istanbul. The conference brought together technocrats, business leaders, developers, investors, policymakers and thinkers who are curious about the future of global connectivity and the nature of 21st-century commerce.


BSV Blockchain Association Citadel event in India a resounding success

The BSV Blockchain Association held a successful meetup on 16 October to inaugurate the launch of its new Citadel office in India. The event allowed enthusiasts, builders and businesses to meet, learn, discuss, and build together on the BSV blockchain.

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BSV Blockchain Association showcases technology in Ras Al-Khaimah

The BSV Blockchain Association recently held a VIP Reception event in Ras Al-Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. The event, which took place on 8 October 2022, was invite-only and included members of the Royal Family, C-level executives and select media members. Marcin Zarakowski, General Counsel and Chief of Staff at BSV Blockchain Association opened the event by highlighting the work of the organisation and the role it plays in its protection and development.

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Why investors are bullish about BSV

The BSV Blockchain Association recently sponsored the first annual Unbounded Capital Summit in New York City at Dream Downtown. One of the keynote panels at the event was hosted by Mike Hennessey (Senior Advisor at Unbounded Capital) who spoke to Zach Resnick (Managing Partner at Unbounded Capital) and Jimmy Nguyen (CEO of Blockchain4All) about why they are bullish about the long-term prospects of BSV.


How DXS is solving the problem of traditional trading platforms

DXS is a derivative trading platform that aims to address some of the problems currently facing current trading platforms – including the inability to serve the unbanked, says Alexey Mashchenkov, Co-Founder of DXS.

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How a dating-safety app was inspired by a blockchain conference

The decision to start Clear Sparrow was initially taken after a BSV conference, says Kirsty Barany, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clear Sparrow. Having worked in the healthcare sector, Barany has long identified sharing personal information as a problem that needs fixing. However, it was after attending a BSV conference in Miami that she decided that the BSV blockchain was the right platform to help build out her business.‘50 million people are dating online and about half of them feel it is an unsafe way to meet people. Still, they do it. So I started talking to people, and they were mostly women in this situation.

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