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A lesson from CryptoKitties – and a move to more scalable blockchains

The blockchain landscape has advanced rapidly in the last five years, meaning that some major projects still need to scale effectively or they will cease to exist. . This also brings into question the longevity of projects and highlights the importance of building on a stable and scalable protocol such as the BSV blockchain.

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Here’s how blockchain can help the economy out of its slump

One of the fundamental problems facing economies around the world today is sustainable growth. But governments are also neglecting to use the blockchain to help improve efficiency and transparency, says Joe Holles de Peyer, Chief Operating Officer of Gate2Chain.


How DXS is solving the problem of traditional trading platforms

DXS is a derivative trading platform that aims to address some of the problems currently facing current trading platforms – including the inability to serve the unbanked, says Alexey Mashchenkov, Co-Founder of DXS.

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How a dating-safety app was inspired by a blockchain conference

The decision to start Clear Sparrow was initially taken after a BSV conference, says Kirsty Barany, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clear Sparrow. Having worked in the healthcare sector, Barany has long identified sharing personal information as a problem that needs fixing. However, it was after attending a BSV conference in Miami that she decided that the BSV blockchain was the right platform to help build out her business.‘50 million people are dating online and about half of them feel it is an unsafe way to meet people. Still, they do it. So I started talking to people, and they were mostly women in this situation.

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How BSV blockchain is creating a system of trust in Nigeria

The BSV Blockchain can be used to strengthen the trust between government and citizens, says Kashif Inuwa Abdullahi, Director-General and CEO of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in Nigeria.

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