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Successful Southern California event highlights the connection between BSV Blockchain and key industries

Southern California skyscape at night BSV Blockchain SoCal organizers and event highlights

The BSV Blockchain Association, in partnership with SmartLedger, recently held an exclusive informational lunch event as part of the Southern California Blockchain Summit.

The luncheon allowed a select group of VIP attendees to learn how scalable blockchain utility is disrupting their respective industries with a focus on the music, entertainment, retail and food industries.

Specific topics covered on the day included:

    ‘The audience for this event was the music and entertainment, retail and food industries,’ said Shawn Ryan, Co-Founder and CEO of SmartLedger.

    ‘We had been in conversations with a group out here for about six months, and after a lot of conversations and education of what blockchain technology does, we came to the point where we felt like through their connections, it made sense to throw an event here.’

    Showcasing the utility of blockchain

    Ryan added that the goal of the event was to further educate these people on the utility of blockchain and show them how it could help transform their respective industries.

    ‘The key takeaway that is most important for me is that we’re starting to differentiate between crypto (assets) and blockchain. I think it’s key to understand that blockchain technology is the extremely disruptive part of the crypto side.’

    Ryan added that the crypto asset side of the industry can get a little ‘wishy-washy’ and is something he and his team tends to avoid.

    ‘So I think the most important thing and takeaway to come back from today is that the underlying technology is secure, scalable, cost-efficient, and it pretty much can disrupt any industry.’

    BSV adoption in Hollywood and beyond

    Ryan noted that the decision to hold the event at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles was a deliberate choice given the hotel’s history in the region. He added that while there had not been much blockchain penetration in Southern California until now, things are beginning to change.

    ‘I think there’s a lot of opportunity for people to take hold of this technology and implement it to potentially disrupt their competitors.’

    Ryan added that the decision to use the BSV Blockchain was made because of the features that it offers.

    ‘We chose BSV because of its features. You know, if there was another blockchain that offered the features that BSV, or better features, we would probably use that. But the main things that we use it for – the scalability, the security and the cost efficiency – you can build pretty much anything at a lower cost to entry than other technology.’

    More about SmartLedger

    SmartLedger is the world’s leading blockchain distribution channel – offering education, consultation, design, development, Implementation and support services. The group envisions a world transformed through the use of blockchain technology and its mission is to contribute and accelerate the coming of this newly born era of full accountability, and optimised efficiency by assisting in the wide implementation of blockchain solutions across all sectors.

    With access to more than 250 patented and other blockchain innovations, SmartLedger helps its customers realise their full potential by implementing customised strategies using ground-breaking blockchain technologies.

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