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Satoshi Vision makes its debut in India – Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit in Bengaluru

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The BSV Blockchain Association in collaboration with Timechain Labs and Nu10 Technologies will host the Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit in Bengaluru, India. Bengaluru is the IT, innovation and start-up hub of India and is seen as India’s Silicon Valley. The event takes place on August 5 – 6 and will introduce India’s tech entrepreneurs, developers and many more tech professionals to the BSV Blockchain and its immense scalability and utility propositions.

The summit focuses on enterprise utility with the aim of building a global data economy enabled by micropayments recorded on the BSV public ledger. Realising immutable time-stamping to be the forte of the BSV enterprise blockchain, dozens of Indian enterprises have shown interest in the summit. Now, the goal is to tap into much more of the huge potential that India offers as a country that is set up for economic growth – especially in the sector of emerging technologies.

Talks, Keynotes and Panel Discussions with top-level Experts

The first day is packed with talks and keynotes from Indian expert leaders such as Prof. Sandeep Shukla of IIT Kanpur who is India’s foremost blockchain academic and leads the National Blockchain Project; Dr. Satya N Gupta, Chairman of the Bharat IPv6 Forum and Blockchain for Productivity Forum; Sujith Nair who is the CEO of Beckn protocol (a base layer for ONDC, aiming to fight aggregator monopoly); Nitish Mittersain, the founder of Nazara Technologies (a leading mobile gaming company); Ishan Roy, Head, Blockchain at Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency, and cybercop and Indian Police Service officer Prof. Triveni Singh.

During the event, more than 30 speakers will showcase the cutting-edge technology of the BSV blockchain, which will be represented among others by Dr Craig S. Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain; Dr. Latif Ladid, the President of the IPv6 Forum; Lorien Gamaroff, co-CEO at Centbee, and Joe Holles de Peyer, COO at Gate2Chain.

Hands-on Workshops and Practical Advice on the second day of the Summit

The second day of the summit is more practically oriented, with technical workshops and business consultations running in two parallel tracks. The workshops will be guided by representatives of Timechain Labs, Gate2Chain, TAAL and more. Developers and entrepreneurs that are new to blockchain will benefit from advice and guidance by experienced leaders in the BSV space with already existing solutions and profitable businesses.

To top it all off and end the tour with a bang, Dr. Wright will deliver a public talk at IIT Kanpur on the 9th of August, and conduct technical discussions with Prof. Shukla and his colleagues at the elite technological institute of higher learning.

How to participate

Tickets for the passes for day one and two of the summit are available at the Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit website. Developers can get a free ticket for the second day of the summit, which will give them access to the hands-on technical workshop.

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