IPv6 unlocks the true power of the BSV blockchain

We speak to Professor Latif Ladid, Head of the IPv6 Forum, abouts how the true power of end-to-end data transactions on BSV are enabled through IPv6 adoption.

trade and commerce warehouse with BSV Blockchain logo

Interoperability in trade and commerce with the BSV blockchain

Data silos are one of the biggest challenges enterprises face in the digital world. Here’s how the BSV blockchain can be effectively used to bring interoperability to trade and commerce.

Ron Austring and BSV Blockchain

Breaking down healthcare data silos with blockchain

EHR Data is building a single source of truth for healthcare data. By using blockchain tech, they combine all healthcare silos into a single, optimised database.

AR, VR, and the Metaverse with BSV

Building out the Metaverse on the BSV blockchain

We spoke to Robert Rice about the potential of their Metaverse platform and where the BSV blockchain fits in.

Image vetor of a shopping using mobile phone with centi logo

Centi – Swiss payment service opens up new earning models for companies with BSV blockchain

Centi is a Swiss startup working on payment and tokenisation solutions via the BSV blockchain. Centi has just released its beta app.


Advice for the public sector on investing in blockchain

A panel with extensive experience in implementing blockchain solutions from within or in partnership with the public sector give advice on investing in blockchain.

A blockchain solution to eroding trust in the pharmaceutical model banner

A blockchain solution to eroding trust in the pharmaceutical model

The many scandals in pharmaceuticals are causing the public to lose their trust in the industry. Here’s how blockchain can help regain people’s confidence.

Dr Eesa Bastaki Article Interview with BSV blockchain logo

How the University of Dubai is embracing blockchain and emerging technologies

The University of Dubai is leading the charge in developing the skills needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the next generation of the Internet built on blockchain technology.

Flags of the world with digital chain

The best way for governments to think about adopting blockchain

Government blockchain project leaders share their insights into the factors public sector representatives should consider when thinking about adopting blockchain.

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