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Nigeria set to become a global blockchain hub with BSV Blockchain

Mohamed Ibrahim Jega and BSV Blockchain

Nigeria is ready to lead blockchain adoption in Africa through the power of the BSV blockchain, says Mohamed Ibrahim Jega, co-founder of Domineum and organiser of the Domineum Blockchain Developers Summit held in Abuja at the end of July.

Speaking at the sidelines of the conference, Jega said the turnout of people looking to learn about BSV blockchain far exceeded expectations, with a particularly large cohort of young Nigerians looking to learn about the technology and educate themselves. 

He added that the project has received a significant amount of support from the Nigerian government, academia and business, with the ultimate goal of training one million new developers in the country. This training will be accommodated by the launch of a new blockchain/AI lab at Baze University in Abuja, Jega said.

‘So BSV has a footprint in Africa already at an academic institution where we train them on blockchain courses. The university has adopted the blockchain infused it into the curriculum and made it mandatory. That is a big win for BSV.’ Jega added that different training courses are being offered for students, developers and professionals.

Jega said Nigeria was also blessed by a government that is open-minded and wants to develop a framework for Metaverse and cybersecurity and recognises the need for technologies such as BSV Blockchain.

Nigeria a hub of the blockchain world

Jega said that Nigeria’s large youth population are keen to adopt and learn about new technologies such as BSV Blockchain. 

‘Young people are innovating, are building, coming up with amazing solutions. We need to harness and unlock those potentials. So we have to take the lead by identifying these young people, bringing them together and giving them a platform that they can utilise and (get) direction.’

While Nigerians are eager to learn and innovate using blockchain technology, Jega said that more still needs to be done to educate and promote the capabilities of BSV blockchain. He noted that Domineum has already signed agreements with several universities across South Africa to incorporate blockchain into the curriculum.

Educating more people about the capabilities of BSV blockchain will inevitably turn them into ambassadors, said Jega. Small meetups on different campuses will bolster this, and opportunities to pitch ideas and boost engagement. 

‘There’s a lot of fighting around Bitcoin, right. and blockchain. So we need to also showcase some of the value propositions. Why BSV? We need to amplify this, we need to make it very clear, and share it with different communities.’

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