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Last chance to vote for the BSV Blockchain ‘Democratise Music’ panel at SXSW 2023

SXSW and bsv blockchain

The BSV Blockchain Association is asking the community to vote to see its panel at the prestigious SXSW 2023 event in Austin, Texas. 

The panel, titled ‘How Peer-to-Peer Tech Can Democratize Music’ will focus on how BSV blockchain can make the current music industry a fairer place for both artists and consumers.

While popular music streaming services were designed to increase listeners’ access to a growing music catalogue, the broader availability of content comes at the financial expense of artists – especially independent creators. 

Despite efforts to expand benefits to artists whose music is featured at minimal cost to listeners, streaming companies have historically prioritised major labels over independent musicians whose content is critical in driving subscriptions.

Some of the excellent speakers that have already been lined up for the planned panel include: 

  • Marc Scarpa, Founder, DeFiance Media;
  • Shem Booth-Spain, Co-Founder & CEO, Blarecast Systems;
  • Michal Scislowski, CEO, Soundoshi;
  • Luke Rohenaz, CEO and Founder, Jamify.

You can read more about the panel and the planned topics of discussion here. Voting on the panel discussion closes on 21 August. You can cast your vote here

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