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How DXS is solving the problem of traditional trading platforms


DXS is a derivative trading platform that aims to address some of the problems currently facing current trading platforms – including the inability to serve the unbanked, says Alexey Mashchenkov, Co-Founder of DXS.

The platform allows users to trade across hundreds of different markets directly from their wallet, a feat that is only possible due to the BSV blockchain’s capabilities.

‘The problem we are trying to solve is that millions of under-banked and unbanked people have limited access to traditional banking platforms. This is because there are minimum deposits, withdrawal fees and trade sizes that price micro-traders out of trading opportunities,’ he said. 

Mashchenkov added that web3 wallets and decentralised exchanges (DEXs) could be the answer to addressing these problems, but existing DEXs lack exposure to traditional markets, have high fees, do not scale, and lack usability.

The solution? A decentralised CFD platform

Mashchenkov said that DXS aims to address these and other platforms by acting as a decentralised contract for difference (CFD) platform.

‘So you don’t really buy the instrument yourself but you get the exposure to the growth or decline. With that solution, we give financial inclusion to millions of unbanked people. We do this through distributed liquidity and non-custodial storage, as everything is built on-chain, ensuring security and lower costs.’

This is further bolstered by DXS’ simple but powerful trading app that is available on all mobile and desktop platforms. Cryptoassets, stocks, commodities, and forex derivatives are all available for trading.

Even more to come from DXS

‘We want to make financial markets a better price discovery tool rather than a wealth transfer mechanism,’ said Mashchenkov.

‘This removes the emotional retail traders from the institutional order book and offers a community-based derivatives trading protocol that will reroute the power of retail trading liquidity back to the people.’

DXS also offers:

  • Instant wallet sign-in;
  • No need to deposit/withdraw funds;
  • No minimum trade size;
  • Unique level of transparency;
  • Only holding fees, zero fees for opening and closing positions;
  • Clients can earn by providing liquidity.

Mashchenkov noted that the DXS is still in the process of expanding and is working to scale further by offering USD/fiat-backed trading, optimising for higher loads, bounty programs and trading data monetisation.

He added that the team is also working to further decentralise the platform by moving its database on-chain, encrypting trading data, and distributing the source of prices.

You can read more about and explore the DXS trading platform here.

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