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BSV blockchain to feature at WEB3: Decentralized Internet of Ownership conference

BSV Blockchain Logo over New Delhi Skyline

Bitcoin Association is proud to announce that the BSV ecosystem will be a key topic of discussion at the upcoming WEB3: Decentralised Internet of Ownership – Convergence of Blockchain, IoT, IPv6 & AI event.

The event will be held at the India International Centre in New Delhi on 26 August 2022. 

Some of the key topics of discussion will include BSV’s role in decentralisation and the future of Web3. Panellists are also expected to discuss business and societal transformation through Web3, as also the role of smart contracts, NFTs and DAOs.

Some of the key speakers that will talk about the BSV ecosystem and its role in decentralisation include: 

Highlighting the importance of the event, Mallikarjun Karra of Timechain Labs said BSV’s role in the future of Web3 is key in helping build a single shared scalable public ledger to transform the way people and businesses interact and do commerce. 

‘The BSV blockchain is currently the only secure and scalable blockchain that offers you the ability to make a transaction on a shared public ledger for a price as small as a hundredth of a cent. 

‘Each transaction as an immutable timestamp not only offers great value to almost every industry but also revolutionises the very nature of the Internet. When you plug Internet activity that is compliant with the IPv6 into a public blockchain, we’re looking at a completely new world that adds privacy, trust and traceability to every interaction between humans, and machines.’

This was echoed by Kapil Jain of nChain, who noted that the Bitcoin SV blockchain currently is the only blockchain that can scale to the needs for large volumes that any infrastructure being developed for India or global population needs. 

‘It is also the only blockchain which also provides extremely low-cost transactions consistently and reliably making it possible for enterprises to reliably project cost expenses and afford blockchain use,’ he said. You can find out more about the event as well as registration details here.

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