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BSV Academy launches free Introduction to Bitcoin Enterprise course

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BSV Academy, the online learning platform run by the Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business with the BSV blockchain, has launched its new course on Bitcoin Enterprise. The course is available free of charge and can be accessed from August 1, at

Introduction to Bitcoin Enterprise is the latest course to be released for BSV Academy and forms part of a collection of courses covering the foundational concepts aimed at both developers and entrepreneurs interested in working with Bitcoin.

The free course is specifically aimed at C-Level executives who are seeking to build next-generation platforms using Bitcoin as a technology substrate, with a focus on making the topics more digestible and understandable to people who are relatively new to the BSV ecosystem.

All modules of the course are available from the start and users are free to jump between topics and videos as they wish.

‘There is a paucity of information about use cases, but not much about the design of BSV and how it was developed,’ said Brendan Lee, Training and Development Manager at Bitcoin Association. ‘You will come out with a much better understanding of the system and the course will answer any questions you may have’.

Lee added that the new course is ideal for showing the usability of the BSV blockchain – especially to businesspeople and entrepreneurs looking to work with blockchain.

BSV Academy is an online education platform for Bitcoin which offers academia-quality, university-style courses and learning materials categorised under Bitcoin Theory, Bitcoin Development, Bitcoin Infrastructure and Bitcoin Enterprise, in addition to several short courses covering specific concepts and content in more detail.

Developed and run by the global industry organisation supporting the BSV blockchain, BSV Academy has been created to make learning about the Bitcoin protocol – the way creator Satoshi Nakamoto designed it – accessible, accurate, and understandable.

In future, these courses will be packaged according to professions:

  • Blockchain Software engineering courses
  • Blockchain Software development courses
  • Blockchain Law
  • Blockchain Business
  • Blockchain Art courses
  • Blockchain Science courses

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