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Bitcoin Association launches Blockchain Innovation Programme

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The BSV Blockchain Association is proud to announce its new Blockchain Innovation Programme, a 10-week course aimed at encouraging people to become Bitcoin developers.

The programme is comprised of the three primitive courses currently offered by the BSV Academy, including:

The programme will also offer a new Intro to Bitcoin Development course, said Julie Gaudreau, Project Manager of TSC and Technical Programs at Bitcoin Association.

While the course is open to everyone, a basic understanding of coding is helpful as users will be working with Golang and JavaScript throughout the programme. Students are also expected to have a basic understanding of Bitcoin theory, Gaudreau said. Certificates are awarded each time that a student completes a course, with a full certification offered by the BSV Academy at the end of the programme.

Partnership with CapitalSavvy

The BSV Academy is offering this Blockchain Innovation Programme to any partner who is interested in incorporating it into their education toolset. One such partner is CapitalSavvy, a venture capital investment firm in Uganda, which is trying to bring opportunities to local developers to find employment,’ said Gaudreau.

She added that CapitalSavvy will be responsible for the work on the ground, recruiting students and also offering a weekly meetup. While the course will be completed by the students in their own time, the weekly meetup gives them a chance to ask questions and the BSV Academy will offer some Q&A sessions, said Gaudreau.

BSV blockchain incubator Satoshi Block Dojo is also collaborating with this partnership and will offer coaching sessions for pitching as well as more information on how to get into the start-up world.

‘At the end of the course there will be a virtual pitch day organised by Satoshi Block Dojo and CapitalSavvy where students will have a chance to present some of their projects,’ Gaudreau said. Following the pitch day, one student will be selected to join the Block Dojo cohort.

Education and outreach

Gaudreau noted that the Blockchain Innovation Programme and partnership with CapitalSavvy is a tremendous opportunity to extend Bitcoin SV’s reach – especially in previously underserved areas such as Africa.

‘The idea is really to expand our reach, not only in terms of student numbers but also into different spheres of government. We are using this programme as a way to open new doors locally in Uganda but from next year CapitalSavvy will expand to the rest of East Africa, with the idea of making BSV more present in that region.

This will create more entrepreneurs who will, in turn, need developers, so it is helping it grow exponentially and giving it an enterprise slant as well.’

Gaudreau said the BSV Academy is looking to extend beyond its online course offerings to partnerships ‘on the ground’ and having more of a student-based approach. ‘This is moving towards that and growing BSV presence,’ she said.

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