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Adam Bowcutt publishes new mental health book on BSV

Work is Mental book with BSV Blockchain logo

XN Mental Wealth Founder Adam Bowcutt has launched his latest book, titled ‘Work is Mental’, through publishing platforms integrated with the BSV blockchain. The book is an incisive commentary on mental health and how the evolving modern workplace is affecting the health and temperament of people around the world.

The book has been published to and stored on the BSV blockchain, proving Bowcutt’s authorship of the work and securing it immutably against manipulation thanks to the BSV blockchain’s robust proof-of-work-based protocol.

Bowcutt has also launched special non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the BSV blockchain which not only qualify buyers for a digital copy of the book, but also future benefits such as further content and artwork related to the book.

‘Work is Mental’ is available to purchase from BSV-based publisher Canonic or directly from the author’s website. The accompanying NFT is also available to buy from RelayX.

We spoke to Adam Bowcutt to find out about his new book and his interest in the BSV blockchain.

‘Work is Mental’ and the BSV blockchain

Bowcutt explains that ‘Work is Mental’ aims to prompt the reader into rethinking the future of mental health in the workplace to affect positive change.

‘This book brings to light ideas on how humans must collectively start thinking deeply about approaching mental health in a new way so that positive change happens,’ he says.

‘I was inspired to write ‘Work is Mental’ to help scale my lifetime mission to help change and save 500,000 lives from suicide and depression. “Work is Mental” is focusing on global business, and when it comes to mental health, they must become aware of their powerful influence over their workers.’

When asked why he chose to publish his book and an accompanying NFT on the BSV blockchain, Bowcutt reveals he has always been interested in the idea of peer-to-peer cash and was introduced to blockchain technology by Honā Founder George Siosi Samuels.

‘I first discovered blockchain technology in around 2017 through George Siosi Samuels. I started following one of his online communities to learn more about how businesses can leverage technology through this thing called peer-to-peer cash,’ Bowcutt says.

‘I was intrigued by how he articulated the pros and cons of each faction of “Bitcoin”. I have an affinity for people that gravitate towards the BSV Blockchain because they are smart, creative and informed. More importantly, they want to change the world. I believe the BSV blockchain is a beautiful system that could help solve many global problems.’

Why publish on BSV?

After growing frustrated with the traditional publishing process and discovering the utility of the BSV blockchain, Bowcutt opted to publish his latest book using BSV and included an NFT with valuable functionality.

‘I made the book available on BSV through Canonic, a BSV proof-of-work self-publishing site. I am also in current talks with Bitcoin Books for an additional offering of my book. Anyone that minted a “Work is Mental” NFT is privileged with a first copy of the book alongside the corresponding ownership of their NFT.’

‘Once the NFT minter verifies proof of ownership, their digital copy of the book is released to them, plus future benefits of ownership such as exclusive new author content, NFT artwork and more. If they sell their NFT in future, an additional copy of the book is gifted to the new owner, and so on, along with all the privileges of “Work is Mental” NFT ownership,’ he adds.

‘The book is now also widely available to anyone without the NFT too. I do like the way NFT’s are incentivising people to experience effective blockchain technology and a book launch at the same time.’

Like many others who are searching for a blockchain that can offer real utility and scalability to meet the demands of their projects, Bowcutt opted to publish on BSV due to its efficiency, low transaction fees and transaction processing speed.

‘I chose to launch on the BSV blockchain because it just works! It’s super effective, smooth and efficient to use. I tested a potential launch via an Ethereum-based platform and it was ridiculously expensive to mint due to the sky high “gas fees”, not to mention the recent hacks and theft of NFTs on the platform,’ he says.

‘BSV is easy to use, secure, and costs a fraction of the cost to mint – literally a few cents.’

Bowcutt believes the BSV blockchain’s scalability, efficiency and native support for NFTs and smart contracts could make it a game-changing platform for authors and publishers in future.

‘The BSV Blockchain could have a massive and scalable impact to the way authors distribute their value to the global marketplace. By making their individual ideas and creative works available to more people with minimal cost and without giving up their valuable work and data to the companies that control internet search engines,’ he explains.

‘It’s exciting. There’s still a lot still to do, although I am willing to put the work in because I know in the long term it’ll definitely be worth it!’

For more information about Bowcutt’s new book, ‘Work is Mental’, and how to purchase it, visit the author’s official website.

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