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The 10 best enterprise blockchain stories of 2022

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The BSV Blockchain Association has had another stellar year as it presented to entrepreneurs, businesses and governments worldwide on why it is the blockchain best suited for their enterprises.

With its massive scaling, micropayments, greater data capacity and reliably low fees, BSV is the best-distributed data ledger for enterprise-grade applications and services and is already being used to build applications for diverse industry sectors, including:

  • FinTech;
  • Stablecoins;
  • Healthcare & life sciences;
  • Supply chain & logistics;
  • Metaverse, AR & VR;
  • Entertainment & media content.

As the year now draws to a close, we’ve listed ten top blog posts (in reverse order, based on number of views) that are ideal for learning more about enterprise blockchain and how it can help your businesses.

Top 10 enterprise blog posts of 2022

10. Contextualising blockchain’s energy use and exploring the green blockchain

It is inevitable to ask questions about blockchain technology to understand how it works and determine how you can best use it to your advantage. Perhaps one of the nagging questions you have is about blockchain’s energy efficiency.

This blog unpacks some of the biggest misconceptions about BSV and energy use and contextualises blockchain’s energy usage by discussing approaches that can enhance its efficiency.

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9. IPv6 unlocks the true power of the BSV blockchain

Professor Latif Ladid

As the adoption of Internet-based services and applications continues to grow exponentially, the standards which underpin the global network have necessarily evolved to cope with the billions of connected devices and users interacting globally.

A prime example of this is the adoption of IPv6 – an Internet Layer protocol standard that allows each device connected to the Internet to be assigned a unique 128-bit IP address.

Professor Latif Ladid, Chair at the 5G World Alliance and Head of the IPv6 Forum, explains how important IPv6 adoption is to unlocking the true potential of blockchain technology and the capabilities of BSV.

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8. A commonsense approach to blockchain legislation

As we rapidly transition from the ‘big data’ era to a global data-based economy, the debate on the security, stability and sustainability of blockchain technologies has again taken centre stage – this time within the halls of policymakers.

This article explains why intimate technical knowledge and access to the latest research on the competing Bitcoin node implementations is necessary and that regardless of how well-intentioned policymakers are, their misunderstandings will lead to stifling blockchain innovation.

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7. Big data & IoT challenges – plus a blockchain solution

Three IoT business founders share their insights on the BSV solutions that could become the foundations for solving many of the issues that plague industry, society and the environment.

Blockchain offers immense value as a way to immutably record information while ensuring its integrity and security. Blockchain will ensure that people like me can come help rebuild, repair or make these sites safe, being informed by what’s come before.

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6. Comparing public and private blockchain features – the pros and cons

Comparing public and private blockchain features - the pros and cons

There are pros and cons to choosing a private blockchain over a public blockchain which organisations should carefully consider before committing to one or the other. Comparing the functionality offered by both public and private blockchains should enable organisations to make informed decisions.

When deciding which type of blockchain to use, businesses must weigh up the planned use case for the blockchain and whether a private blockchain would better suit their needs than the public BSV blockchain.

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5. Recap: Blockchain for Saudi Vision 2030 Summit

The Blockchain for Saudi Vision 2030 Summit was attended by global industry leaders and focused on the use cases of blockchain technology within Saudi Arabia, as well as how the unique potential of the BSV blockchain can help to realise ‘Saudi Vision 2030’, the government’s multi-pillared plan for digital transformation in Saudi Arabia.

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4. How public and private blockchains compete on data privacy and throughput

When enterprises and government entities review different blockchain solutions, one of the first considerations is whether they should use a public blockchain or a ‘permissioned’, private one.

On the surface, it makes sense to equate the terms ‘private blockchain’ with data privacy, and ‘permissioned blockchains’ with network security. The flip side of the assumption is that a public blockchain couldn’t possibly be used where sensitive data is involved and that it would compare poorly in terms of security.

And yet, both assumptions are based on a mistaken understanding of the blockchain archetype.

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3. How blockchain can accelerate Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an ambitious plan for digital transformation, outlined in its ‘Saudi Vision 2030’ initiative, which includes investment in cutting-edge technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, smart cities and blockchain.

This blog unpacks how the BSV blockchain offers a scalable and reliable platform on which to build government- and enterprise-scale applications thanks to its large block sizes, low transaction fees and the stable underlying protocol.

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2. Solving the problems of fake degrees and attestation with blockchain

Solving the problems of fake degrees and attestation with blockchain

Certified qualifications, whether they are university degrees, college diplomas or school graduation certificates, are crucial data to businesses around the world, allowing them to determine whether a job applicant is the right candidate for the position and is qualified to complete the work they will be required to do.

However, not all certifications are equal or even valid. There is a global problem around the proliferation of fake degrees and qualifications issued by unauthorised universities, and the current systems to combat this are both inefficient and incomplete. Enter blockchain.

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1. Social ‘super app’ my2cents launched on BSV – How it works

Social ‘super app’ my2cents launched on BSV – How it works

Sovereignty over personal data and the creation of an Internet of value is exactly what Dr Maximillian Sinan Korkmaz aims to achieve through his media ‘super app’, my2cents, which runs on the BSV blockchain.

This article unpacks how my2cents bundles various social media and marketplace platforms into a single application where users can earn and spend BSV through payments from as small as two cents on everything from liking or ‘plussing’ text posts and videos to buying second-hand goods and recruiting employees for their business.

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