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BSV Blockchain Association attends the successful Domineum Blockchain Day in Nigeria

Blockchain Day (Digital Nigeria Conference)

The BSV Blockchain Association was a partner at the Domineum Blockchain Day during the Digital Nigeria National Conference and Exhibition. The three-day conference and exhibition, which was held at the Abuja International Conference Centre, was the largest of its kind in Nigeria and included a mix of experts, investors, government officials, and dignitaries.

Some 2,000 attendees attended the event physically with an additional 5,000 attendees experiencing the event virtually.

As part of the wider conference, the BSV Blockchain Association partnered with Domineum Blockchain Solutions and the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to host its own Blockchain Day aimed at attracting, educating, and creating more awareness in the blockchain ecosystem.

Below is a summary of the event and some of the presentations:

The business cases for the BSV blockchain

Lorien Gamaroff, CEO of Centbee, began his presentation by focusing on the opportunities and sectors developers and businesses building with Bitcoin SV should consider.

Gamaroff also explained that the world is seeing a repeat of the internet of the 1990s as a proliferation of different blockchain protocols are working at cross-purposes from one another. However, looking back at what happened during the internet bubble, we are heading towards a world with a single blockchain that acts as a communication network, he said.

Changing how we think about blockchain in Africa

Ahmed Yousif, Lead of BSV Blockchain for Government Initiative in the Middle East, explained in his presentation that while blockchain can have a huge impact on our daily lives, some of the most tangible benefits are likely to be seen in the public sector.

This will more clearly be seen as smart cities become more commonplace and people create and share data, use government services and make payments in these cities using the blockchain, he said.

6 great companies showing the utility of Bitcoin SV

The true value of blockchain is that it allows human connections and connections between truth, data and efficiency. However, it is essential that blockchain has actual utility and that people want to use it daily, says Founder and CEO of Blockchain for All, Jimmy Nguyen.

In his presentation, Nguyen detailed six different projects which have been built on Bitcoin SV which are using features such as verifiability, micropayments, and unbounded scalability to offer features which have never been available before.

Why blockchain’s biggest asset is trust

The move towards blockchain is the next big step in technical innovation, following the mass adoption of the internet and mobile technologies. And arguably the biggest benefit of blockchain technology is that it offers trust, says Ray Sharma, Founder/Partner of Extreme Venture Partners.

In his presentation, Sharma offered a more holistic overview of the benefits of blockchain, noting that there is a direct correlation between economic development and trust, which in turn has a direct impact on a country’s growth.

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