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For a blockchain to function as a global data ledger for enterprise and government, it must be secure, it must be scalable, it must be stable and it must support safe, instant transactions. BSV is the only public blockchain that offers these four crucial characteristics.
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Bigger blocks are needed to support the increased diversity and volume of data and micro-payment transactions that businesses and governments want to perform – all at a predictable low cost. The BSV blockchain scales to meet the demands of the network, constantly expanding and reducing the size of the blocks on its network to remain both data and cost-efficient, while offering fixed low transaction costs at all times.


The BSV protocol is stable and locked down – that means no significant changes are made to the underlying protocol without strong consensus and demonstrated testing. This enables businesses and government entities to plan years in advance and commit significant resources to building applications and services in the knowledge that they will continue to remain supported by the BSV blockchain.


BSV delivers an unprecedented commitment to quality assurance and professionalised engineering. It also supports an environment-friendly and regulation-complaint that blockchain ecosystem that enterprises and governments want.

Safe, instant transactions

The BSV roadmap treats safe, instant transactions as a fundamental offering and key priority. Blockchain-based applications and services rely on transactions reliably taking place without delay and for a low, predictable cost; with the unbounded scaling of its blockchain, the block size of BSV adjusts to meet the demands of its network, ensuring that transactions are always included – not held up in the mempool or subject to scarcity pricing.

Who Supports BSV?

The BSV blockchain is supported by Bitcoin Association, a non-profit organization in Zug, Switzerland that provides the BSV Node software and infrastructure tools. The Association oversees creation of technical standards, and educates enterprises, government agencies, start-up ventures, developers and users on how to create a global blockchain ecosystem. Its team features high-caliber professionals who bring years of experience from many industry sectors.

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President

Patrick Prinz

Managing Director

Marcin Zarakowski

Director of Legal and Public Policy

Muhammad Salman Anjum

Head of BSV Hub – Middle East South Asia

Ahmed Yousif

Middle East Lead, BSV Blockchain for Government Initiative

Lise Li

Head of BSV Hub – China

Martin Coxall

Head of Marketing

Bryan Daugherty

Head of BSV Hub – North America

Shawn Ryan

Commercial Development Coordinator North America

Marcin Rzetecki

Technical Outreach Specialist
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