Blockchain Day (Digital Nigeria Conference)

Why blockchain’s biggest asset is trust

The move towards blockchain is the next big step in technical innovation, following the mass adoption of the internet and mobile technologies. And arguably the biggest benefit of blockchain technology is that it offers trust, says Ray Sharma, Founder/Partner of Extreme Venture Partners.

BSV Blockchain and Metaverse Concept Art

What developers should know and do about the Metaverse

The Metaverse should be a rich ecosystem of innovation and value-adding rather than a walled garden for advertising cartels and big data to squeeze as much as possible from the customers who will be generating most of the content in the world.

BSV Blockchain Logo over Metaverse Background

What enterprise leaders should know and do about the Metaverse

In this nascent stage of the Metaverse and the BSV blockchain, an enterprise leader may well find it to be the case that getting even a simple product to market may involve them developing various protocols and technical standards, as well as a portfolio of intellectual property that could be licensed for an additional business model.


Metaverse – monopoly economy 2.0 or digital democracy?

If companies are willing to relinquish some of their control over the content generated by all the users within the respective Metaverses and simply compete to offer attractive services which were all denominated in a token settled on a suitable blockchain then that arrangement would be mutually beneficial for all parties.


Your introduction to the Metaverse

Learn about the potential of an immersive world for big tech, multimedia software, gaming, art, entertainment, communications, advertising and (insert your industry + vertical) and how micropayments adds the X-factor.

BSV Blockchain Metaverse

Why investors are excited about the Metaverse

The Metaverse is an exciting opportunity for venture capitalists and institutional investors, as the nascent sector is only beginning to take off. However, experts warn that not all Metaverse projects are equal and that investors must do their due diligence to ensure their planned investment gets off the ground.

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