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A lesson from CryptoKitties – and a move to more scalable blockchains

The blockchain landscape has advanced rapidly in the last five years, meaning that some major projects still need to scale effectively or they will cease to exist. . This also brings into question the longevity of projects and highlights the importance of building on a stable and scalable protocol such as the BSV blockchain.

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What enterprise leaders should know and do about the Metaverse

In this nascent stage of the Metaverse and the BSV blockchain, an enterprise leader may well find it to be the case that getting even a simple product to market may involve them developing various protocols and technical standards, as well as a portfolio of intellectual property that could be licensed for an additional business model.

Dr Katherine Lephoto, executive sales director at VX Technologies

How VXPASS offers secure record-keeping with the BSV blockchain

The BSV blockchain not only offers micropayments and limitless scaling but is also the perfect platform to manage personal data and certification for governments and enterprises, says Dr Katherine Lephoto, executive sales director at VX Technologies.

VXPASS offers worldwide vaccination verification that doesn’t store your personal medical information. This frees governments, healthcare providers, insurers, and companies from the burden of handling personally identifiable health credentials.

Blockchain Hustlers

Blockchain Hustlers video series OUT NOW

For the average US enterprise, a hack beyond 30 days costs an average of $9M. In the pilot episode of our Blockchain Hustlers series, Bryan Daugherty and Greg Ward of SmartLedger showcase their blockchain-based solution: a new cybersecurity toolset, Certihash.


Metaverse – monopoly economy 2.0 or digital democracy?

If companies are willing to relinquish some of their control over the content generated by all the users within the respective Metaverses and simply compete to offer attractive services which were all denominated in a token settled on a suitable blockchain then that arrangement would be mutually beneficial for all parties.


Digital assets as fuel for new business models and value streams

The inherent value of the BSV blockchain is not the blockchain itself but rather how enterprises can use it as a utility, says Valentine Labarthe, Head of Commercial and Strategy at nChain.

Speaking at the recent Blockchain in business – new opportunities conference in Poland, Labarthe said nChain has been working with the Polish Blockchain Association to ask how web3 could generate new brand revenues and sustain long-term customer engagement.

BSV Blockchain

Unbounded IoT opportunities on the BSV Blockchain

The opportunities for a hyper-connected world using the Internet of Things and blockchain technology are no longer the stuff of science fiction with the scale and performance offered by BSV blockchain

BSV Blockchain introduced to Nigeria with real use case technology

The Blockchain Developer Summit in Nigeria’s capital Abuja was a great success. With more than 1500 participants, the event created a big stage for BSV Blockchain among developers, established companies and key figures in the country’s economic policy and development.

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