BSV BlockChain Speaker


Zachary Weiner


Zack Weiner is the founder of VXPASS, a digital vaccination verification and administration platform that is built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. He and his impressive team of PHDs, medical professionals and business leaders are currently working with the many countries across Africa and Oceania and the United States as well as providing the digital infrastructure necessary to manage the administration, record keeping, validation and verification of vaccines in these regions, and many more forthcoming.

Zack has fifteen years of software development in a variety of industries: including the last 4 years developing and achieving actionable results in the blockchain sector, and more specifically with the BSV space. From his start on his own in high frequency trading, with an impressive exit, to his time with CITRIX and Price Waterhouse Cooper including the complex world of GAAP, the lessons learned have been many, which is why he had the foresight and knowledge base to bring to light VPASS.

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