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Dr. Maximilian Sinan Korkmaz

Dr. Korkmaz is a passionate structural engineer and published author of numerous scientific articles as well as a technical book. After serving as a member of several scientific committees and associations during his PhD studies at ETH Zurich, he went back to construction sites to build.

He had the joy of building in diverse environments, from Middle Eastern deserts to rural Africa. He is currently pursuing to implement “better ways of construction” at Stabilwerk in Frankfurt, Germany.

Stabilwerk aims to build not only traditional buildings such as houses and office buildings, but also futuristic structures, such as robotic bridges that can self-diagnose and self-repair through artificial intelligence.

In March 2021, Stabilwerk announced Stabilwerk Credits (STW), which is the Euro-pegged utility token of the company, built on Bitcoin SV blockchain. Stabilwerk is currently exploring further opportunities to utilize the power of Bitcoin SV in the field of construction.

 In April 2021, Dr. Korkmaz founded P2P Software GmbH to build applications for the construction industry as well as for other industries utilizing the power of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

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