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What investors should know about blockchain and the data value chain

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Data is referred to as the oil of the digital economy. Why should traditional investors, particularly family offices, look at supporting companies that are in the data value chain?

At the 13th Edition of Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summit, enterprise blockchain transaction processor, TAAL’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kal Suurkask spoke about how they work with businesses that want to build applications on blockchain, and help them do that in a simple, secure and a regulatory compliant manner. We offer you an edited transcription below.

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Why blockchain data transactions are valuable

TAAL’s entire business model is focussed on processing blockchain data, especially at enterprise scale.

Data becomes massively valuable the moment you can authenticate it, show it can’t be tampered with, and then combine it with a bunch of other data sources. Only then can you make sense of data and make magic from it. And that’s where blockchain comes in. For us, the BSV blockchain in particular.

The world we know is turning into one where physical and virtual lines are blurring. With IoT and smart cities, there’s going to be a lot more data. From governance to autonomous vehicles, there’s data behind all of it and it’s very transactional. TAAL is a transaction processor that’s in a unique position – we operate as a gateway to the blockchain.

Tokenisation use cases

Tokenisation is a really exciting space for us, as a transaction processor since it creates more transactions for us to process. But what’s really interesting is all the use case that are coming out of tokenisation.

Being able to tokenise real world assets is very exciting when you think about what you can do in terms of having fractional ownership, for example, in real estate or being able to tokenise rewards from airlines. Imagine earning loyalty points for flying with Emirates and being able to combine it with Air Canada Star Alliance points. If I can tokenise those rewards, I could trade the Emirates points with somebody for more Air Canada points to upgrade my flight.

Real estate is a particularly interesting use case for me. When I was in my early twenties, I wanted to get in on real estate, so I bought my first apartment in Canada. I had to put down $5,000 back then, and it was barely affordable for me. Nowadays, anyone who wants to get into the real estate market in Canada has to put down a minimum of $100,000. If you’re in your twenties, it’s just not realistic.

Now imagine you could tokenise real estate – an apartment or a hotel – so it can be fractionalised. A 25-year old could buy $50 of a hotel’s token and in the hope that it appreciates over time. They could trade it on a secondary platform, perhaps for a steak in a restaurant.

Tokenisation gives a lot of people that would otherwise be locked out of the real estate market an opportunity to get into the market. From the side of the investors or the real estate holders, they now have an opportunity to create more liquidity and get more people in the market.

Why use blockchain for enterprise data versus cloud services

Most of the clients we talk to think that putting your data in the cloud or a private server is just the way it’s done.

When you explain the benefits of a public blockchain such as BSV, that it can scale to accommodate any volume of data, the penny starts to drop.

In an IoT world, data will proliferate at an exponential rate. Businesses will have to be able to store a lot of this data to create new types of businesses and use cases based on that data.

Another aspect to keep in mind with a public blockchain, is that you’re not subject to outages or hacks like with private databases.

And most importantly for me is that it allows you to take back control from third parties like Big Tech or social media platforms that capture and monetise your data. With blockchain, you can hand back control to individual users, so anyone can build a business that utilises data if they incentivise people to contribute their data.

We’ve determined that the blockchain that the BSV blockchain can scale unlike any other, so we expect a lot more innovation happening on it. Having TAAL as a gateway, a transaction processor, to that blockchain puts us in a really unique position.

About BSV Blockchain Association and partners

The Association for the BSV blockchain is the global industry organisation that supports the BSV blockchain. We’re also here to connect you with businesses that can help you identify and implement a blockchain solution for your project, for example, TAAL.

TAAL is a publicly listed blockchain infrastructure and technology company based in Canada and Switzerland. TAAL works with enterprise clients to help them write their data onto the blockchain through transactions. Around that transaction processing business, they offer blockchain storage, a tokenisation platform, and a blockchain search tool as well.Ready to add blockchain solutions to your business or government agency? Head to the bottom of this page to send us a message and let us know about your needs.

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