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The first Unbounded Capital Summit – an Event for Blockchain Investment Insiders

Unbounded Capital Annual Summit

The Unbounded Capital Summit is set up to make a promising debut and become a real insider tip in the field of blockchain investing. The discussion about blockchain, NFTs, Bitcoin and other so-called ‘cryptocurrencies’ is cluttered with false information, misunderstandings and unnecessary ideological requirements

Organised by Unbounded Capital and taking place on the 8th of September 2022, the summit is set up to drive awareness about the widely unknown essentials when it comes to blockchain and investing in businesses that rely on a blockchain.

Decluttering the discourse about blockchain for enterprises

The summit features presentations and panel discussions by experienced industry leaders such as Kurt Wuckert Jr, who as the Chief Bitcoin Historian for CoinGeek and as the Founder of Gorillapool can give insights on both the current market situation and on the historical perspective. Further notable experts are Alex Agut, Founder and CEO of HandCash, a key wallet provider in the BSV ecosystem, and Dave Mullen-Muhr and Jack Laskey, Co-Founders of NFTY Jigs, a tokenisation platform for the Metaverse.

In general, the discussion focuses too much on the surface of so-called cryptocurrencies and not on the original value propositions of blockchain, which are among others micropayments, on-chain scalability and the capability to create a global data ledger for all kinds of transactions, data storage and applications. This allows to improve existing services and businesses or to create entirely new business models and use-cases.

Identifying promising investment opportunities

Kurt Wuckert’s keynote about the ‘history of blockchain and the current landscape’ will provide insights of the original purpose of blockchain and why this matters even until today. The programme is filled with further expert discussions that focus on different sectors and investment opportunities in these sectors, among them Gaming, NFTs, the Metaverse and micropayments.

The summit is an invite-only event with about 100 attendees, most of which are entrepreneurs and investors from the USA. Confirmed attendees currently include prominent venture and hedge fund managers, fintech and blockchain entrepreneurs, and institutional as well as family office investors. The summit offers extensive opportunities for mingling while having meals in between the talks and presentations. The event closes with a cocktail hour.

About Unbounded Capital

Unbounded Capital is a blockchain investment firm built by technical founders that understand the entrepreneurial journey; former poker pros that know how to analyse risk; and investors that understand that early-stage investing is not a passive activity. We envision businesses leveraging scalable blockchains playing a predominant role in shaping how people interact with and use the internet in the coming decades, and are working to help entrepreneurs achieve that vision.
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