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Recap: BSV Blockchain Conference Miami


Bitcoin Association hosted the first-ever BSV Blockchain Conference on September 1, 2021 at the SLS Brickwell hotel in Miami, Florida, where a line-up of blockchain experts and industry leaders took the stage to speak about the power and capability of the BSV blockchain.

The BSV blockchain is the protocol most aligned with the original vision of Bitcoin described in the technology’s 2008 white paper, written by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Due to its adherence to this original vision, BSV offers unparalleled transaction and data management capacity while also enabling efficient microtransactions and complex, autonomous smart contracts.

The conference focused on the potential applications of the BSV blockchain in the world of enterprise and the burgeoning data-driven economy. Speakers included Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, EHR Data President Steve Lawrence, VXPass Founder Zachary Weiner, Honā Founder George Siosi Samuels and many more.

The event highlighted the cutting-edge applications and business use cases being enabled by the unique capabilities of the BSV blockchain, encompassing everything from data provenance solutions to the minting and exchange of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Speakers also outlined how companies can begin to implement blockchain technology within their businesses, as well as why institutional and venture investors should get involved with the BSV blockchain.

Introduction to the BSV blockchain – Jimmy Nguyen

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen kicked off proceedings with an introduction to the BSV blockchain and the potential for it to revolutionise payments, online applications and enterprise solutions. He outlined possible use cases for micropayments, high transaction volume and data management on the blockchain, giving viewers a taste of the limitless potential of the BSV blockchain.

Nguyen also gave a brief summary of several prominent, functional applications operating on the BSV network, demonstrating how support for micropayments and efficient transaction processing makes BSV the best network for blockchain developers and enterprises to build on.

‘[Blockchain] is more than just an investment asset, it is more than something people speculate on – it is the recognition that Bitcoin in its original design was birthed to create the fusion of data and money,’ Nguyen said.

Data integrity on BSV – Phillip Runyan and Dominic Duffy

The next segment was focused on data integrity and how this can be improved through the adoption of the BSV blockchain.

Veridat Managing Partner Phillip Runyan began the conversation by highlighting the dangers posed to data integrity within the current third party-based system, as well as how data reliability is inherently problematic across many industries in the world today – from pharmaceutical distribution to environmental footprint monitoring.

He explained that the BSV blockchain enables a new level of data provenance and transparency while maintaining security and privacy, greatly improving the ability for companies to rely on data and establish a record of its alteration.

nChain Director of Marketing Dominic Duffy continued the conversation around data integrity, providing context around the benefits of BSV for improving data integrity from the perspective of auditing and compliance.

He demonstrated the fallibility of current auditing and compliance regulation and detection, noting that the BSV blockchain can be an excellent tool for companies to ensure their compliance with government regulation and their protection against fraud.

Healthcare and the BSV blockchain – Steve Lawrence and Zachary Weiner

Next up, EHR Data President Steve Lawrence delivered a presentation on the current problems with the global healthcare industry and how the BSV blockchain could improve the reliability and effectiveness of decision-making throughout the healthcare process.

He also noted that the platform they built on the BSV blockchain provides more detailed and reliable information to healthcare providers while also rewarding patients for providing more granular data to aid providers.

VXPass Founder Zachary Weiner followed up this presentation with a further discussion on healthcare, specifically the democratisation of healthcare data and how his company restores the control of personal data to those who generate it.

Weiner outlined how his company is providing a vaccine pass linked to a patient’s identity on the BSV blockchain without storing any personal information. This protects the user’s personal information while also ensuring their healthcare data can be reliably confirmed at a fraction of the cost of traditional healthcare data collection and aggregation services.

Government services on BSV – George Siosi Samuels and Simit Naik

Faiā Managing Director George Siosi Samuels and nChain Director of Commercial and Strategy Simit Naik took the stage next to speak about the ground-breaking Tuvalu National Digital Ledger project. The project will see the Tuvalu national government adopting the BSV blockchain to enable a range of citizen services, from a powerful and affordable financial platform to digitising citizen identities and records.

Samuels and Naik spoke about the status of the project and explained how the digital ledger would be owned and operated by the Tuvalu government and people, and all the parties involved in the project have been engaging regularly with everyday Tuvaluans to address the needs of the country’s inhabitants.

One of the central goals of the project is to leapfrog the implementation of financial and digital services in Tuvalu, enabling the country to become a major participant in the fourth industrial revolution.

Financial products, tokens and trading – Roy Bernhard and Elizabeth White

After the lunch break, Chief Visionary at Fabriik and The Bayesian Group, Roy Bernhard delivered a presentation that highlighted the operations of his companies within the BSV ecosystem and the myriad financial services applications enabled by the unique applications of the BSV blockchain.

He spoke about tokenisation and trading on BSV, demonstrating how the digitisation of assets could provide greater security and autonomy to participants in the new digital economy. Director Elizabeth White elaborated on the potential for the BSV blockchain to shake up the financial services industry, reflecting on the exceptional ability for the network to handle high transaction throughput thanks to its unbounded block size and how this makes it the ideal choice for companies that want to build scalable payment networks on the blockchain.

Online gaming and BSV

The next discussion centred around the world of eSports and online gaming, and how this is an explosive area of growth for the BSV blockchain. Participants in this discussion were as follows:

The speakers touched on everything from the different possible financial models enabled by the BSV blockchain and the ability for players to be rewarded with real money for playing, to the tokenisation of in-game assets and the trading of these assets between different ecosystems.

Gaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors within the blockchain industry, and the BSV blockchain has demonstrated through the performance of games like CryptoFights that it is more than capable of running blockchain-based video games in an impressively efficient and scalable manner.

NFTs on the BSV blockchain

Next up, a number of speakers took the stage to speak about tokenisation and the potential applications for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the BSV blockchain. The participants in this discussion were as follows:

The discussions and presentations within this section of the event demonstrated the power of creating immutable digital representations of tangible and intangible assets written to the BSV blockchain.

Through the use of tokenisation on BSV, trillions of dollars in value can be unlocked through potentially limitless applications related to the unique properties and exchange of these tokens, and the speakers touched on a range of these – from inter-service token exchange to the efficient tokenisation of assets like gold and property.

Blockchain transaction processing – Angela Holowaychuk

TAAL CMO and Executive Board Member Angela Holowaychuk took the stage next to speak about transaction processing on the BSV blockchain and how the unbounded scaling inherent in BSV’s protocol design places it far above competing networks in its capacity to handle enterprise-level applications.

She spoke about why TAAL decided to build its blockchain infrastructure business on top of the BSV network and gave viewers a rundown of how they have participated in the mining of the record-breaking blocks seen regularly on the BSV blockchain.

Holowaychuk also gave attendees a preview of the future solutions being developed by TAAL for blockchain transaction processing, which it aims to use to support large-scale enterprise applications running on the BSV blockchain.

AR and the Metaverse on BSV – Robert Rice

Up next was Transmira Founder and CEO Robert Rice, who spoke about the exciting applications of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) on the BSV blockchain.

Rice spoke about how digital tokens immutably written to the digital ledger can be represented within these AR and VR spaces and the utility this can provide to companies across various industries.

Rice has a great vision for a future that integrates advanced AR technology with a public blockchain, and he stressed that the BSV network is the only platform which can enable the level of technology and the scale he envisions these solutions operating at.

Online services and digital advertising – Connor Murray and Luke Rohenaz

Britevue Founder and CEO Connor Murray took the stage next to speak about his online review company and how they are solving inherent problems with online reviews using the BSV blockchain and a cutting-edge incentive model.

He pointed out the real value in reviews as sources of validation and information and explained how the use of a BSV-based incentive system can improve the value of reviews while also reducing the abuse of review systems.

TonicPow Co-Founder and CEO Luke Rohenaz followed up on the theme of online content by outlining how his company is building a content promotion platform which runs on and is incentivised by transactions on the BSV blockchain to address the current problems with online advertising models.

This type of blockchain-based content sharing platform relies on micropayments as incentives, which makes BSV blockchain the best foundation for delivering a viable solution that can scale with adoption.

Social accountability and blockchain – George Siosi Samuels

Honā Founder George Siosi Samuels returned to the stage to speak about social accountability and the ability for services built on the BSV blockchain to impact social change.

Samuels explained how they have used BSV-based financial incentives to improve accountability and motivation amongst working groups, as well as how they are rolling this out to start-ups around the world.

Like many other revolutionary applications being built on the BSV blockchain, the ability of the network to facilitate micropayments is crucial to the viability of services like Honā and its integration with other digital platforms.

Smart contracts on Bitcoin – Xiaohui Liu

Next up, sCrypt CEO and Founder Xiaohui Liu gave a presentation on the ability for the BSV blockchain to support stateful smart contracts, functionality which is described in the original Bitcoin white paper as inherent in the protocol’s design.

Liu gave an explanation of how smart contracts work on the BSV blockchain, as well as a high-level overview of the benefits of a UTXO smart contract model compared with less scalable platforms like Ethereum.

He also shows how advanced smart complex functionality can be achieved on the BSV network and how Turing-complete applications have already been deployed to the blockchain – confirming that the BSV network is theoretically capable of tackling any computational problem.

The future of blockchain – Jimmy Nguyen

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen concluded the content-packed day of presentations and discussions by summarising the capabilities of the BSV blockchain and how it underpins all the exciting applications being built within the ecosystem.

The enterprise-grade data services of the future can only be enabled by the scalable, powerful and efficient protocol of the BSV blockchain, as evidenced by the exciting projects described throughout the first-ever BSV Blockchain conference.

Nguyen invited everyone who was interested in any facet of the BSV ecosystem, from application development to the deployment enterprise business solutions, to contact Bitcoin Association or visit the website to find out more.

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