Dr. Maximilian Korkmaz

Social ‘super app’ my2cents launched on BSV – How it works

my2cents – a new, Web 3.0-centred social media platform – is now active on the BSV blockchain, allowing users to earn money for their social media interactions.

IEEE UAE Blockchain Symposium Jimmy, Craig and Latif

BSV at the IEEE Blockchain Symposium in Dubai 

The IEEE Blockchain Symposium was hosted by the IEEE UAE Blockchain Group on March 9, 2022 at the University of Dubai, UAE.

Computer with thechnology effect bg

Private use of a public blockchain

Enterprises have been presented with a false dichotomy between public & private blockchain when there need not be any such choice between the two.

Riyadh Skyline with blockchain networks overlay

How blockchain can accelerate Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation

Waleed Alasmary explains Saudi Arabia’s ambitious digital transformation plan and how blockchain technology fits in with this strategy.

BSV Europe Ambassadors

BSV blockchain’s association appoints new BSV Ambassadors for Netherlands, Belgium and Spain

The BSV blockchain’s association has appointed three new BSV Ambassadors – Niels van den Bergh, Filip Mariën and Bart Olivares for the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

Saudi Riyal

How Islamic finance can leverage blockchain technology

During Islamic Fintech Week, BSV blockchain representative, Ella Qiang spoke to Dr Nida Khan about blockchain technology’s potential uses for Islamic finance.

Dr. Basim Zafar and BSV blockchain

Dr Basim Zafar explains the exciting potential of BSV in Saudi Arabia

We speak to Experts Vision Consulting CEO Dr Basim Zafar about how the BSV blockchain can be applied to Saudi Arabia.

Todd Williams with BSV Blockchain and BullishArt logo

Why award-winning artist Todd Williamson mints NFTs on BSV

Award-winning artist Todd Williamson speaks about why he chose to mint his art NFTs on BullishArt, the curated NFT marketplace built on the BSV blockchain.

Geoffrey Weli-Wosu and Mohammed Ibrahim Jega

Geoffrey Weli-Wosu and Mohammed Ibrahim Jega appointed as BSV Ambassadors for West and East Africa

The BSV blockchain’s association has appointed Mohammed Ibrahim Jega and Geoffrey Weli-Wosu as BSV Ambassadors for West and East Africa.

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