BSV Blockchain and Huobi Japan

Digital Asset Exchange Huobi Japan’s BSV listing goes live

BSV joins the Financial Services Agency of Japan’s (FSA) highly selective and tightly controlled/regulated list of digital assets available on Huobi and Japan.

Blockchain 4 Gaming: Post-event announcement

BSV successfully hosted Blockchain 4 Gaming conference in Warsaw

The Blockchain 4 Gaming event in Warsaw successfully concluded on the 7th of June. The event introduced entrepreneurs and professionals in relevant industries to the capabilities of the BSV Blockchain.

Prof Latif Ladid

IPv6 plus blockchain model takes on supply chain inefficiencies

Founder of the IPv6 Forum, Professor Latif Ladid explains the current Internet’s deficiencies and how IPv6 and blockchain will save the day for communications and supply chains.

Data management system background with BSV blockchain logo

How blockchain relates to contemporary data management systems

Blockchain is the technology system that answers the problems that contemporary data management systems face.

Mohamed Essaidi: In Conversation

Morocco’s development journey with 5G, IoT & Blockchain

Blockchain expert, Dr Essaaidi weighs in on the success of the 5G-IoT Blockchain Summit in Rabat, and Morocco’s state of technological development.


Blockchain: The Protocol of Value

BSV is the blockchain that’s here to empower the Internet. Let’s explore how the information-based model of the Internet measures up to the value-based model of the blockchain.

Data management pain points that require a blockchain intervention

Take a dive into the problems that contemporary data management systems face and see where blockchain fits in.

Muhammad Salman Anjum with BSV Blockchain logo

Better invoicing with blockchain

InvoiceMate solves the issue of inefficient invoice processing. Here’s how the project results in saving professionals much effort, time and resources.

the next evolution of data storage and management

Blockchain: the next evolution of data storage and management

Data is the new oil. But if you want to capitalise on this new oil, you will need an infrastructure that is suited to dealing with this increasingly ubiquitous resource.

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