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Mallorca event shows how BSV blockchain can boost the tourism industry

Mallorca event

The BSV Blockchain Association, in partnership with Gate2Chain, recently held a two-day event in Mallorca, Spain to highlight how the BSV blockchain can benefit the tourism industry.

The event aimed to showcase some of the most exciting new projects in BSV applied to real-world corporate use and served as a meeting point for the world’s most disruptive business technology trends and how they will impact the travel and leisure industries in particular.

Specific topics covered during the event included:

  • How IPv6 helps people, businesses and governments communicate profitably and humanely;
  • A roadmap on what to expect from IPv6 and how to plan wisely in the tourism industry;
  • Addressing the common misconceptions around blockchain and its true value;
  • Transparent growth opportunities for the tourism industry using blockchain;
  • The true superpowers of tokenization as they relate to the tourism industry;
  • A deep dive into blockchain use cases and what it could mean for the tourism sector.
  • Sustainability in the tourism sector and how businesses and travellers can make smarter decisions;
  • How blockchain can increase to increase efficiency and profitability from end-to-end of the tourism value chain.

Speakers included:

BSV in Mallorca and beyond

This event is proof that BSV has officially landed in Mallorca, said event organiser and CEO of Gate2Chain Joe Holles de Peyer.

‘We have offices in Mallorca, I live in Mallorca, and obviously we have been talking about having this event for several years. We now finally have the whole of Mallorca knows that this is real blockchain, that it’s not the same as cryptocurrency, and that the sensible and grown-up blockchain out there that can help them in their day to day lives.’

Holles de Peyer said that this technology is not only beneficial to institutions and businesses but stands to benefit all of Mallorca and help it remain competitive globally.

‘The tourism industry is inherently very competitive, there are very small margins, and Mallorca inevitably has to compete with other destinations around the world all the time. Mallorca’s tourism sector is really big, not only because of inbound tourism but because it is home to some of the biggest hotel chains in Europe.

‘There is a lot of value to be delivered to these companies and to Mallorca as an island to help improve the industry. This includes more transparent outcomes and boosting engagement among citizens. Mallorca is now in a position where it can lead that process.’

Blockchain and tourism and growth opportunities in tourism

Speaking on the growth opportunities for blockchain in the tourism sector, Holles de Peyer said that customer loyalty is one of the key areas which could see disruption. This includes everything from loyalty programmes at hotel chains to airlines, he said.

However there is arguably even more room for disruption in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sector, he said. ‘All the environmental credentials can be put on the blockchain as well as anything to do with blockchain. Blockchain has a lot to offer the tourism sector.’

Holles de Peyer said that more still needs to be done to separate the benefits of blockchain from the harmful effects of crypto-asset trading.

‘This is what 99% of society thinks blockchain is about. That is a massive misconception that in the end is damaging reputationally to the whole industry and makes it hard to push for a utility-driven blockchain.’

More about Gate2Chain

Gate2Chain removes barriers to building on blockchain and solves everyday problems for companies and institutions. It is a blockchain integrator company that provides a range of tools that empower brands and institutions to solve real-world problems using the Bitcoin SV Blockchain. The company provides a development suite and several platforms that make it easy to connect new or existing applications, websites, or platforms of any kind to the blockchain.

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