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How non-intrusive biometric security can be integrated with blockchain


Both science fiction and contemporary prototypes predict a digital economy where the facets of our identity and property are recorded to microchips implanted in the human body.

Are bodily modifications a requirement to participate in a seamless digital economy, a smart city?

Dereck Hoogenkamp’s company, PalmFusion offers non-intrusive solutions to access control (PalmAccess), electronic ID (PalmID) and contactless payments (PalmPay). All of these solutions are enabled by a scan of your veins, your handprint and your hand’s geometrics.

Participating in the Blockchain for Saudi Vision 2030 summit, Dereck explains how their fully patented, GDPR, PSD2 and COVID regulations compliant solution replaces your key, passport and wallet, and how it can be integrated with blockchain.

Securing biometrics with blockchain


Biometrics are the traits that make each of us unique, yet its utilisation is hampered by privacy and data security issues.

Given blockchain technology’s ability to provide trust, transparency and seamless integrations, biometrics can come to its right in the digital economy.

Generating a biometric profile with PalmFusion 


PalmFusion technologies is something unique. Your biometric profile is created by scanning the palm of your hand; its veins, geometric data and handprint.

These three solutions are fully patented, GDPR compliant, PSD2 compliant and as it is contactless, it is compliant with COVID regulations. It is one of the only in and outside biometrics in the world without intrusion. 

Access control, electronic ID and contactless payments


So what do you use it for? 

By creating your unique biometric profile, your hand becomes your access control, your electronic ID and a contactless payment method.

So what does it mean? Your hand is your key. Your hand is your passport. Your hand is your ID. Your hand is your everything, even your wallet. 

All of this without any intrusion, no chips inside, with real life verification. It’s an in and outside solution, and when combined with blockchain lends itself to multiple applications. 

In this video, you can see how it can be applied for secure and contactless payments

Palm Fusion can also be applied to secure access control. The scanner in the video below is still the old version, as it goes down to the size of a chip now. It has zero failure and zero downtime, and as you simply have to use your hand – it’s completely contactless. It can be used to start your car within up to a distance of 20 centimetres. It’s also being used in education to record your academic development. 

Imagine scanning your hand when you’re 70 and seeing what you were drawing when you were five years old.

It can really be integrated everywhere, although access control is one of the easiest applications to illustrate. With PalmPay we go a little bit further by connecting your wallet, and then electronic ID takes it another step by ensuring regulatory compliance. 

PalmFusion deployment in robotics and construction industry

One of our partners, Dormakaba, works with robotics and machines that should only be operated by individuals with the correct training. Integrating PalmFusion’s scanner could come in useful in these settings, as you could programme machines to only turn on if a qualified operator is in the driver’s seat.

Why use a blockchain and not a private database 

What are the advantages you could get from having your PalmFusion data on blockchain? 

If you’re going to work with electronic ID, the data is highly sensitive, so you need trust, transparency and traceability. 

In my opinion, there’s no better solution than blockchain for that. If you’re doing access control for a single building, you might be able to use a centralised server. But the moment you want to integrate payment, like our PalmPay appliccation, you need a blockchain to secure the data and integrate different data sources fast, seamlessly and traceably.

Blockchain for government and enterprises

Dereck Hoogenkamp’s comments on biometric verification via PalmFusion originate from his participation in the Blockchain for Saudi Vision 2030 summit. To stay abreast of similar summits and presentations in your geographic location, bookmark our events page.

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