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How Clear Sparrow is set to revolutionise the online dating industry on BSV

Clear Sparrow

Clear Sparrow is set to revolutionise the $4 billion online dating industry through its first-of-a-kind safety app. Built on Bitcoin SV, the app allows the anonymous exchange of verifiable third-party background data between two people before or during a date with the click of a button.

Speaking at the recent Unbounded Capital Summit in New York City, Clear Sparrow Founder Kirsty Barany said the app’s ultimate aim is to address the issue of trust.

‘You are getting excited to meet this person but you are absolutely terrified that they may be violent and you have no way to know their background. There is no real way to verify this. You can do your own background check online but those identities might be fake.

‘There is no real mechanism for these two people to verify that they are safe and good to go. Clear Sparrow was created to solve this trust issue between these two people. It allows these two people to exchange third-party verifiable data through the click of a button.’

Security and scalability thanks to Bitcoin SV

Barany said that there is also the issue of trust when dealing with other people’s data, which is why she decided to build Clear Sparrow on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. 

‘I think developing this business model with current technologies wouldn’t be possible. There is no reason for two people to share their data honestly.’

Barany added that there are also technical and financial decisions behind Clear Sparrow’s decision to build its app on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. ‘If I tried to do this with other blockchains it wouldn’t have been financially viable. Here I can use that trustless system massively and essentially trace every piece of data. It can be traced back to the source, and the authorisation is also 100% traceable.’

Barany said Clear Sparrow has developed its biometric system on top of the blockchain’s security features to ensure that its customers are completely safe.

Giving users power over their data with the Bitcoin SV blockchain

Barany said that her team is currently in the process of building towards being fully Web 3.0 compliant.

‘The whole point of Clear Sparrow is to give ownership of the data to the users. And also control of the monetisation of their data. Online dating has 50 million users and is growing, so we have the potential to become one of the largest databases for identity, criminal and even electronic healthcare records. When it comes to Web 3.0 we have opportunities to monetise.’

Barany said her team is currently exploring the introduction of micropayments and allowing users to authorise this and receive a share of this funding. However, she acknowledged that the entire space is very heavy on regulations and that Clear Sparrow is ensuring that all know-your-customer and other identity laws are being followed correctly.

‘We see ourselves as the MasterCard of the dating world, and we are just transacting data between the two parties. I don’t care what dating service you are on, you can always come to Clear Sparrow.’

She added that the platform can be extended beyond dating to also doing reference and other background checks. You can read more about the work Kirsty and Clear Sparrow are doing here.

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