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How BSV adoption is growing in China

Lise Li In Conversation

China is a country that is very pro-blockchain and is likely to see increased BSV adoption in the coming years, says Lise Li, Head of the BSV Hub in China.

However the technology is still in its early stages and there are many businesses and startups still trying to find the best solutions in their fields, she said. Speaking on China specifically, Li noted that there are several private chain projects, enterprise blockchain projects and also government projects in the works.

These projects cover a range of industries – from supply-chain management to finance – all pointing to a ‘blockchain boom’ in China in recent years.

‘Our role is to help people to know that if they want to build an application or use case on the blockchain, they must consider whether this blockchain can be scaled in the new future and whether it can host your business in the long term.’

‘So we are trying to educate enterprises, government officers, and even college students on what the real global public blockchain technology is – BSV.’

The power of blockchain education

As blockchain adoption continues to grow in China, Li said it is vitally important that people are educated about the technology. She added that this has historically been quite difficult as most materials about the technology are in English.

‘The BSV Blockchain Association launched an English version of the BSV Academy three years ago, and we have launched many courses right now and plan to launch more in the future.’

‘But it’s the English language. For us to promote these courses in China we must do a Chinese version. That’s why our team started doing translation, modifications and optimisations for these courses.’

Impressive growth of BSV blockchain Academy in China

Li said the decision to offer courses in Chinese has proved wildly successful, with over 800 enrollments within the first month. ‘Bitcoin was originally from a white paper. And in that white paper, there are so many new terminologies that are not quite familiar to people.’

‘So in our course, we’re trying to make it more easily understood by people from different backgrounds.’

Li added that the Chinese Academy was launched on CSDN – China’s biggest developers community platform with over 32 million registered users. The platform also includes a full BSV wiki so that both the courses and BSV, in general, become more accessible, she said.

Li said these platforms have also been optimised for China’s search engine to ensure that interested users are directed to the correct place when researching BSV in the country.

‘The biggest obstacle that we face in this industry is that there is a big gap in people’s knowledge of Bitcoin technology, and we need to spend more resources and more time to educate people, to let them know the real power of the BSV blockchain.’

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