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CBCat Sustainable Development Goals Challenge: Win iPhones and gain entrepreneurial experience

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Until 31 July, students can register for the Sustainable Development Goals Challenge of CBCat (Centre Blockchain de Catalunya), which is sponsored by the BSV Blockchain Association. The 3rd edition of the Challenge focuses on decarbonisation in forests:

‘Calculate the CO2 uptake of a given forest area and then monetising this uptake as an incentive for decarbonisation’

The challenge entices with lucrative prizes, but the opportunity to present oneself and one’s ideas on an international stage in front of experienced business people, academics and experts should not be underestimated either.

Participation and Prize

In principle, students from all over the world can participate in the challenge. As an interdisciplinary challenge, it is recommended that the members of a team should be made up of students from different disciplines. Experience shows that these teams perform better than others. A team may have up to four members. 

As an initial incentive for the challenge, the winners of the competition can each win a brand-new iPhone. But the challenge also offers value for participants beyond the material value of the smartphones.

Developing entrepreneurial skills – solving environmental and social problems with business approaches

The challenge offers participants the opportunity to gain professional experience in an entrepreneurial context and to prove their own knowledge and skills in teamwork with colleagues who have a completely different academic background.

The competition not only challenges participants to find thorough and functional solutions, but also to make them as economical as possible and possibly profitable. An important infrastructure for coming up with solutions that meet these requirements is the BSV Blockchain. It offers a unique opportunity to realise innovation and new solutions due to its scalability and energy efficiency. Aspects that can contribute to success in the Challenge include:

Enter an international network of like-minded people

The participants of the Challenge will all be invited to the Democracy4All Summit in Barcelona, with the winners having the honour of being awarded at the event. For all participants, the event is an opportunity to learn about democratisation and democratic culture that emerging technologies can facilitate in the context of governance, entrepreneurship, finance, business, society and environment.

International and Catalonian experts, entrepreneurs, politicians, business people, investors and activists will be present. Participants will thus have the opportunity to network with valuable contacts for their own professional outlook. The BSV Blockchain community has excellent tech, marketing, finance and legal experts who can help jump-start their careers.


  • Registration period: until 31st July
  • Development of the solutions: September – October
  • Project delivery: 31st October
  • Jury deliberation: First week of November
  • Awards ceremony: 10th/11th of November (during the Democracy4All summit in Barcelona)

Take the Challenge

If you feel up to the challenge, you can register under A team can comprise up to four group members. You can either register your whole team or as an individual. In the latter case, the organisers will pair you with other individuals to participate as a team.

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