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BSV Blockchain to host VIP Reception event in the UAE

BSV Blockchain Logo over UAE Skyline

The BSV Blockchain Association is excited to announce that it will be hosting a VIP Reception event in Ras Al-Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates.

The event, which will take place on 8 October 2022, is invite-only and has an exclusive list of roughly 150 attendees. This includes members of the Royal Family, C-level executives and select members of the media.

The event will feature an evening of talks and panels from project owners and key stakeholders in the region and from around the world. Attendees can also expect one-on-one sessions to learn more about BSV and find out more about its business use cases.

Notably, the event will also include the launch of several BSV Blockchain training programmes for Ras Al-Khaimah government entities – evidence of BSV’s growing adoption in the region.

Some of the notable guests who are scheduled to speak at the event include:

You can find out more about the list of speakers and details about attending the event here.

The BSV blockchain has seen increasing adoption in the UAE, both from the government and businesses, and the country has big plans for the use of the technology.

The BSV Hub for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia is working on several blockchain education projects to drive innovation in the UAE. The BSV Hub for MENA is based in Dubai and is headed up by Muhammad Salman Anjum, a leading regional figure in the enterprise blockchain space, as well as the Chief Mate at InvoiceMate, a next-generation accounting and invoicing platform that is integrating the use of the BSV blockchain. This includes the rolling out of a training programme in the UAE to educate local developers and entrepreneurs on the capabilities of the BSV blockchain – an initiative that has already received great interest in the country.

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