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BSV Blockchain sponsors the first annual Unbounded Capital Summit in New York City

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The BSV Blockchain Association recently sponsored the first annual Unbounded Capital Summit in New York City at Dream Downtown. The exclusive event was invite-only and featured some 80 attendees including prominent venture and hedge fund managers, fintech and blockchain entrepreneurs, and institutional and family office investors.

The summit was hosted by Unbounded Capital to help promote a network and provide excellent opportunities for on-chain companies to meet experts and investors. Unbounded Capital envisions businesses leveraging scalable blockchains and playing a predominant role in shaping how people interact with and use the internet in the coming decades. It is also committed to working with and helping entrepreneurs achieve that vision.

Below is a summary of the event and some of the major announcements:

What is and isn’t a blockchain investment opportunity?

Zach Resnick, Managing Partner of Unbounded Capital kicked off the event. Resnick noted that the Unbounded Capital event was different from most crypto-asset conferences as it was looking at investment and enterprise opportunities instead of getting people to buy a token.

He noted that the goal is to present blockchain-focused startups which have genuine business use cases while also offering attendees investment opportunities outside of the big names in Silicon Valley.

Resnick also gave a second presentation on how Unbounded Capital considers blockchain-based investment opportunities and how they decide when to invest. He noted that his firm is ‘bullish on Bitcoin’ because of its opportunity for value creation, and its strong investment opportunities.

Resnick was subsequently joined by Jasmine Jia (Partner at Omakase Strategy of Recharge Capital) and Ray Sharma (Founder of Extreme Venture Partners) to discuss how other venture capital firms view blockchain-based startups and some of the most common ‘red flags’ they see when considering investment opportunities.

A history of Bitcoin

Kurt Wuckert Jr, CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian, gave a presentation on the history of Bitcoin SV and how, unlike other crypto-assets, it has never deviated from the original vision laid out by Satoshi in his white paper. This included a deep dive into the original founding of Bitcoin, the white paper, and why different competing forks emerged over time.

Wuckert Jr also spoke about the current investment landscape and how the market had been tainted by crypto-assets offering Ponzi or ‘get rich quick’ schemes instead of any utility or business use case. He also spoke about some of the interesting and unique ways that Bitcoin is currently being used by businesses.

A clear use case for BSV

The next presentation was a fireside chat with Kirsty Barany, Founder and CEO of Clear Sparrow. Barany detailed how her company aims to revolutionise the $4 billion online dating industry by creating a first-of-a-kind safety app.

Clear Sparrow allows the anonymous exchange of verifiable third-party background data between two people before or during a date with the click of a button.

Barany also detailed the advantages of building Clear Sparrow on BSV and why it is only possible thanks to the data integrity, transaction audibility, and transparency features of Blockchain and the speed, scalability, and affordability of the BSV blockchain.

The future of BSV and regulation

Arguably one of the most important and interesting presentations of the day was given by the CEO of Red River Associates and the 43rd Treasurer of the United States, Rosie Rios.

Rios spoke of her work in government and gave insight into how regulators consider technologies such as blockchain and digital assets. This included possible paths for regulation going forward and some of the concerns facing government officials – from financing terrorism to tax collection.

Rios also spoke on her new role at Red River Associates, how she considers blockchain investment opportunities, and how that fits into her expertise from her time in government.

In a separate presentation focusing on regulation, Dave Mullen-Muhr of Unbounded Capital spoke on the US legal system and courts dealing with crypto-assets and whether coins can be court-ordered.

BSV is being used by businesses

Several presentations were also given throughout the day by companies and start-ups focusing on how they are using BSV in their businesses.

Brandon Bryant provided a demonstration of HandCash and detailed how users can send and receive using $handles, make contactless payments in stores and connect to apps and games.

Joe De Pinto gave a presentation on gaming on the BSV Blockchain and detailed how his company Haste is using the technology to make gaming more meaningful. He was followed by James Belding of Tokenized, who gave a demonstration on the issuing, management and trading of digital assets on his platform.

Finally, John Pitts explained how his company SLictionary uses micropayments to incentivise every definition to be the best in the world. SLictionary dynamically improves with every interaction, as knowledge-seekers pay a penny per searched word in return for both superior definitions as well as zero advertisement distractions – a massive costly problem in modern dictionaries.

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