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BSV Blockchain Association to hold Domineum Blockchain Day in Nigeria

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The BSV Blockchain Association is pleased to announce that it will be a partner at the upcoming Domineum Blockchain Day taking place during the upcoming Digital Nigeria National Conference and Exhibition.

The three-day conference and exhibition, which will be held at the Abuja International Conference Centre, is the largest of its kind in Nigeria and will include a mix of experts, investors, government officials, and dignitaries. Some 2,000 attendees are expected to attend the event physically with an additional 5,000 attendees expected virtually.

As part of the wider conference, the BSV Blockchain Association will be partnering with Domineum Blockchain Solutions and the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to host its own Blockchain Day aimed at attracting, educating, and creating more awareness in the blockchain ecosystem.

Presentations will focus on scaling the blockchain ecosystem, with opportunities and best use cases from Africa and around the globe. Special focus will be given to Nigeria, a country blessed with talented people and over 200 million potential smart technology experts.

Speakers will also showcase and share insights about the different platforms and solutions built on blockchain technology, as well as future emerging solutions in Africa, and the world at large. The event will provide the opportunity for BSV companies to interact and provide solutions for Nigerian Government Agencies, with discussions specifically targeting:

  • Blockchain experts;
  • Blockchain founders;
  • Start-ups;
  • Academia;
  • Developers in the blockchain ecosystem.

Growing blockchain adoption in Nigeria

Nigeria’s government sees the BSV blockchain as a key tool for creating jobs and improving education opportunities across the country. It is currently in the process of commissioning new AI and Blockchain training labs which are aimed at helping the people of Nigeria develop their skills in these emerging fields, with the ultimate goal of training one million new developers.

‘There are a lot of opportunities in blockchain, and it is critical in every business,’ said Kashifu Inuwa, Director-General of NITDA.

‘Talent is the human component of technology and innovation, with blockchain and emerging technologies being about the new solutions they are bringing on board. So, you need to task yourself to know which solutions or offerings the industry requires.’

Mohammed Ibrahim Jega, Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer of Domineum Blockchain Solutions, said the event is an opportunity to ‘demystify’ BSV and blockchain.

‘We are excited about this Blockchain Day summit which highlights the continued growth BSV is seeing in Nigeria and the rest of Africa,’ said

‘This is a great opportunity to educate investors and officials on the benefits of BSV and why it is the best choice for their start-ups or enterprises. Nigeria is poised to be at the forefront of BSV usage and we are committed to showing how Bitcoin and the blockchain are useful for the public, governments, and industries.’

You can find out more about the Blockchain and sign up for the event here.

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