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BSV Blockchain Association to attend Philippine Blockchain Week 2022

BSV Blockchain with skyscraper background

BSV Blockchain Association is excited to announce that it will be attending the first-ever Philippine Blockchain Week at Newport World Resorts, Manila.

The event will take place from 28 November – 4 December and promises to be the ultimate Web2 to Web3 event.

Presented in cooperation with the national government and supported by local and regional media outlets, the week-long celebration will culminate in the Philippine Block Awards, a ceremony recognising the individuals who are building the future.

Attendees can expect curated talks and activities for newcomers and experts alike, where international thought leaders will share learnings and insights on how blockchain is disrupting the way the world lives, works, and plays. Incredible NFT expos, gaming tournaments, and exclusive networking opportunities are also available.

Other event highlights include:

  • VC-startup matchmaking;
  • Government and organisation partnerships;
  • Web2 and Web3 brand collaborations;
  • A job fair;
  • Blockchain education initiatives;
  • NFT gallery and expo;
  • Multiple afterparties and networking events.

‘The Philippines has the potential to become a blockchain capital of Asia,’ said Donald Lim, the Chief Operating Officer of Dito CME.

‘The Philippines has the numbers to become a blockchain hub. Our population is at 110 million, with a median age of 25,’ Lim said. ‘We also have the highest internet penetration and the highest NFT penetration rate of a digital population.’

You can find out more about the Philippine Blockchain Week, including the full schedule, list of speakers and ticketing details here.

BSV blockchain in the Philippines

BSV is the best distributed-data ledger for enterprise-grade applications and services with its massive scaling, micropayments, greater data capacity, and reliably low fees.

The BSV blockchain is the only public blockchain capable of scaling to meet the demands of enterprise-scale applications and was designed to function as an extension of the Internet that allows for peer-to-peer payments and complex data transfers without intermediaries.

The BSV Blockchain Association sees the Philippines as a global blockchain and digital assets hub, with the Southeast Asian country recently ranking behind Vietnam in this year’s Chainalysis Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index.

In October, the country announced that it plans to establish the world’s first decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) for a Blockchain Association in Asia, with plans to headquarter it in the Philippines. This forms part of a broader goal to establish the country as the world’s foremost Blockchain haven jurisdiction.

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