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Blockchain education opportunities for yourself, your school and your nation

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The blockchain industry is still nascent, and most people have a very narrow view of what it is and how it can benefit society and business. 

The BSV Association is dedicated to educating developers, business leaders, educational leaders and public officials about the bigger vision of blockchain.

If you would like to broaden your perspective of blockchain, or help your students, employees or citizens to do so, the BSV Blockchain Association offers you an immense set of opportunities to explore.

In this article, BSV Blockchain Association’s Director of Education, Evan Freeman shares an outline of the educational initiatives in the pipeline. Follow the links in the text to learn more about the educational opportunities and how to get involved. 

BSV blockchain educational programmes and partnership

Molde University partnership

We’ve been working with Molde University, a top-tier logistics business and IT school in Norway on integrating content from our Bitcoin development and enterprise blockchain courses into their undergraduate programme. This initiative will expose their entire student body to our educational programme. 

Partnership with the National Information Technology Development Agency of the Nigerian Government

We are in the signing phase of the establishment of a physical BSV academy in Nigeria which will be represented in each of the 36 states of Nigeria. These academies will be operating out of ten education centres and funded entirely by the National Information Technology Development Agency of the Nigerian Government, to educate 500,000 Nigerian developers and entrepreneurs. The first intake is set for late August 2022.

Uganda innovation programme

We’re also initiating the blockchain innovation programme in Uganda in collaboration with Satoshi Block Dojo. It is a full spectrum education programme that seeks to create a pathway for Ugandan entrepreneurs.

Bitcoin SV Academy 

We are working on the translation of selected Bitcoin SV Academy courses into Hindi and Arabic. We’ve also been revamping our Bitcoin Development course which aims to instil best practices for developers, which will be deployed in October.

With both the developer course and enterprise course we’re discussing potential collaborations with universities looking to integrate that content into their programmes. 

We’ve also launched the BSV Academy YouTube channel, which aims to provide content that extends beyond the BSV community and to attract interest from parallel development communities. 

As of today we have had over 1,300 completions of Bitcoin SV Academy courses. 

Introduction to Bitcoin Enterprise course

The BSV Academy has just deployed our Introduction to Enterprise Blockchain Course. In this course targeted at entrepreneurs, students will learn how the BSV enterprise blockchain can be used as a platform to build next generation platforms. Learn how Bitcoin and the BitcoinSV network can radically change how digital services are provided.

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