BSV Blockchain for Government

Blockchain for Government Initiative

BSV’s Blockchain for Government Initiative provides education and drives global adoption of blockchain technology by government bodies, NGOs and public sector agencies in order to accelerate digital transformation and ignite economic growth.

The Initiative supports large-scale implementations of blockchain technology for the benefit of citizens, including through the delivery of e-government services, the provision of tools for greater financial inclusion and improved transparency, as well as applications that foster public good for municipalities and entire countries.

The Initiative supports use of BSV because it is a massively scaled blockchain that handles high transaction volume and enables greater data capacity at fast speed for low fees – capabilities necessary to deliver distributed ledger applications at nationwide and multi-national levels. As a public ledger, BSV also enables transparency, auditability and more honesty for governments, citizens and enterprises.

The Initiative is led by Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global non-profit industry organisation that supports the use of the BSV blockchain.

The Initiative regularly engages with global lawmakers to advise on sound policy for responsible regulation of blockchain while encouraging innovation.

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