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According to a study conducted on GitHub, India is reported to have 7.2 Million skilled Software Developers and has 880K enrollees each year for Computer Science and application courses, which was predicted to overtake the U.S. numbers of Software Developers by 2023. This report is one of the figures that support the enthusiasm of the country about computer technology, software engineering, and to the science of programming.

BSV Blockchain has presented itself to be a cutting-edge Technology solving real-life use cases that can benefit humanity. India as one of the leading tech-economy countries built a citadel, a free co-working space for BSV Blockchain developers, builders, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts, naming it Big Blockers Bharat Citadel (B3C). Members can find mentorship or resources and even the way to build their startup businesses.

Mallikarjun Karra the Director of Timechain Labs and a Co-Founder of B3C shared some interesting facts about the Citadel.

“The philosophy of big blocks is no block size limit. So we came up with this extremely neutral term called big blockers, and it is something that has attracted a lot of people because once you realize that unbounded block size helps you scale and it brings in the economics of scale” – Mallikarjun Karra

The transaction fee is lower to a great extent, you realize that you can do everything that people told you cannot be done.- he added.

Mallikarjun emphasized that having a co-working space with the developers and having regular meet-ups is something that people need, and is always helpful because the sense of physical community can be brought in.

Shikher Verma the CTO of Monetix Ltd. who has been working on the BSV Blockchain project such as Dastafilez (Monetix’s technology product) and the company’s financing platforms, expressed his gratitude and excitement about the launch of the Citadel at Bengaluru, which is the IT Capital in India.

“BSV has seen tremendous adoption and increase in awareness in India during the last year. However, so far the movement has been scattered across the country without a central location to coagulate. All that is about to change with the opening of B3 Citadel, thanks to the efforts of @BSV Blockchain Association, Indian ambassadors Mallikarjun KarraParimal Priyadarshi, and Rohan Sharan.” – Shikher Verma

The citadel project is sponsored by BSV Blockchain Association, partnered with sCrypt and Monetix. B3C Co-Founders are Mallikarjun KarraParimal Priyadarshi and Rohan Sharan. The Board of Advisors are consist of BSV Blockchain personalities and experts like Patrick Prinz, CFAKonstantinos SgantzosXiaohui LiuGregory Ward, and Bryan Daugherty, CCI, CBI, SME.

Check out Big Blockers Bharat Citadel (B3C) for the latest updates.

Enjoy the full interview of Mallikarjun Karra discussing about the Big Blockers Bharat Citadel (B3C) Impact and Roadmap on the FinTech Republic Youtube Channel.

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