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The multi-year switch to IPv6

The multi-year switch to IPv6

The move from IPv4 to IPv6 is not a simple changeover but a multi-year process that involves significant time and investment from government bodies and large corporations.


Why the move to IPv6 is about empowerment

Giving everyone their own IP address, similar to how they have a unique phone number, will open significant empowerment opportunities for people around the world and will significantly improve the adoption of technologies such as blockchain, says Professor Latif Ladid.

BSV Blockchain with rocket launching in background

The areas where blockchain is about to see explosive growth

There is simply too much technological value and money being left on the table by not adopting blockchain technology for everyday businesses and government processes. This means we are likely to see rapid adoption in the coming years, with some countries already preparing themselves for this explosion in growth.

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The 10 best enterprise blockchain stories of 2022

The BSV Blockchain Association has had another stellar year as it presented to entrepreneurs, businesses and governments around the world on why it is the blockchain best suited for their enterprises. As the year now draws to a close, we’ve listed the top 10 blog posts of 2022 (based on your views) to help you learn more about enterprise blockchain and how it can help your businesses.

Gate2Chain, Mallorca

Tourism and the future of the internet event in Mallorca

The tourism industry is ripe for disruption. Learn how the entire sector can be turned on its head through the adoption of blockchain and IPv6 technologies by attending the upcoming Blockchain, tourism and the future of the Internet event in Mallorca, Spain taking place on 1 December 2022.

global supply chains

How UNISOT is turning the supply chain world on its head

UNISOT is a Web3 supply-chain traceability platform which uses the BSV blockchain to help global supply chains for everything from food to clothes, electronics and cars, says Stephan Nilsson, Founder and CEO of UNISOT.

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