Lizette Louw

BSV global Blockchain convention

Global Blockchain Convention Dubai 2022 – Recap Day 2

This recap of day 1 of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai at the end of May 2022 will give you an overview of the presentations and the video links give you a chance to catch up on the ones that are relevant to you.

Blockchain regulations

The state of blockchain regulation – 2022

Increasing regulators technical insight into blockchain would not only counter the fear of the unknown that might lead to knee-jerk regulations, but aid them in discerning the technology’s use for regulators themselves.

BSV Blockchain nChain poster

Turning enterprise & public data into value with blockchain

Blockchain is an extremely complex and complicated technology. Global leader in research and development of blockchain services, nChain puts a lot of effort into making it accessible to parties who can benefit from its applications.

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