Month: December 2022

Blockchain Day (Digital Nigeria Conference)

BSV Blockchain Association attends the successful Domineum Blockchain Day in Nigeria

The BSV Blockchain Association was a partner at the Domineum Blockchain Day during the Digital Nigeria National Conference and Exhibition.

The three-day conference and exhibition, which was held at the Abuja International Conference Centre, was the largest of its kind in Nigeria and included a mix of experts, investors, government officials, and dignitaries.

Blockchain Day (Digital Nigeria Conference)

Why blockchain’s biggest asset is trust

The move towards blockchain is the next big step in technical innovation, following the mass adoption of the internet and mobile technologies. And arguably the biggest benefit of blockchain technology is that it offers trust, says Ray Sharma, Founder/Partner of Extreme Venture Partners.

Changing how we think about blockchain in Africa

To accelerate the adoption of blockchain, there needs to be a sustained drive by government officials to lift those citizens who are committed to making technological advancements and are willing to think outside of the box, says Ahmed Yousif, Lead of BSV Blockchain for Government Initiative in the Middle East.


The move to IPv6 and taking the next step with PeerTLS via blockchain

While many people still consider IPv6 as an up-and-coming technology, it is already being used across the world by billions of people. Most advanced countries today now have over 50% of Internet traffic going over IPv6, and in the United States 95% or more of wireless carriers already support the protocol, says Lawrence Hughes, Senior Software Engineer of Cybersecurity at Abbott.

The multi-year switch to IPv6

The multi-year switch to IPv6

The move from IPv4 to IPv6 is not a simple changeover but a multi-year process that involves significant time and investment from government bodies and large corporations.

BSV Blockchain with rocket launching in background

The areas where blockchain is about to see explosive growth

There is simply too much technological value and money being left on the table by not adopting blockchain technology for everyday businesses and government processes. This means we are likely to see rapid adoption in the coming years, with some countries already preparing themselves for this explosion in growth.


Why the move to IPv6 is about empowerment

Giving everyone their own IP address, similar to how they have a unique phone number, will open significant empowerment opportunities for people around the world and will significantly improve the adoption of technologies such as blockchain, says Professor Latif Ladid.


BSV Blockchain Association Citadel event in India a resounding success

The BSV Blockchain Association held a successful meetup on 16 October to inaugurate the launch of its new Citadel office in India. The event allowed enthusiasts, builders and businesses to meet, learn, discuss, and build together on the BSV blockchain.

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