Month: October 2022

Blockchain Adoption, Education

Why education is the key to blockchain adoption

BSV and blockchain adoption continues to face several challenges in Nigeria, but this will be addressed through better education, says Mohamed Ibrahim Jega, co-founder of Domineum and organiser of the Domineum Blockchain Developers Summit held in Abuja at the end of July.

BSV Blockchain and Unbounded capital logo on background of New York cityscape

Can coins be court-ordered?

Since 2019, Unbounded Capital has been publicly warning against the widespread legal ignorance of the blockchain sector and avoided use cases which, at their core, attempted regulatory arbitrage.

Clear Sparrow

How Clear Sparrow is set to revolutionise the online dating industry on BSV

Clear Sparrow is set to revolutionise the $4 billion online dating industry through its first-of-a-kind safety app. Built on the BSV blockchain, the app allows the anonymous exchange of verifiable third-party background data between two people before or during a date with the click of a button.

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