Day: October 21, 2022

BSV Blockchain and Tokenized logo over digital contract background

How smart contracts can 10X contracting in private markets

Smart contracts are set to open a new paradigm in the world of contracting and asset servicing, says James Belding, Co-Founder & CEO of Tokenized. Tokenized is an award-winning all-in-one tokenisation solution for institutions, government agencies, enterprises, and individuals.

BSV Blockchain logo over Heart and Keyboard Background

How a dating-safety app was inspired by a blockchain conference

The decision to start Clear Sparrow was initially taken after a BSV conference, says Kirsty Barany, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clear Sparrow. Having worked in the healthcare sector, Barany has long identified sharing personal information as a problem that needs fixing. However, it was after attending a BSV conference in Miami that she decided that the BSV blockchain was the right platform to help build out her business.‘50 million people are dating online and about half of them feel it is an unsafe way to meet people. Still, they do it. So I started talking to people, and they were mostly women in this situation.

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