Month: September 2022

Lise Li In Conversation

How BSV adoption is growing in China

China is a country that is very pro-blockchain and is likely to see increased BSV adoption in the coming years, says Lise Li, Head of the BSV Hub in China.

BSV Blockchain

Unbounded IoT opportunities on the BSV Blockchain

The opportunities for a hyper-connected world using the Internet of Things and blockchain technology are no longer the stuff of science fiction with the scale and performance offered by BSV blockchain

decentralized blockchain with BSV blockchain logo

BSV solves the blockchain ‘trilemma’

Ethereum’s recent move to a proof-of-stake protocol has raised questions about the future of blockchain technologies, and whether they can scale effectively.

Eva Poras

Creating a digital identity with BSV

Digital identity is fundamentally important to the use of BSV and blockchains in general, says Dr Eva Porras, an honorary research collaborator at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and the Managing Director of Smart Ledger Services.

crypto bubble an EUBS logo and BSV blockchain

Uncluttering the discourse around Bitcoin: Where lies the value?

Rohan Sharan, Founder & Head of Product at TimeChain Labs, is joined by Kurt Wuckert Jr, Chief Bitcoin Historian at CoinGeek, to set the record straight about Bitcoin and blockchain and how their value is derived from their block size, low transaction fees, micropayments and scalability and not as speculative assets.

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